Start, Stop, or Change Utilities Service

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Start Service

To request a new Utilities service, please complete the appropriate form:

Step 1.Before Applying

What you need to know before you fill out the application. 

  • New service requires 1 business day prior to the start date.
  • Services can only start Monday through Friday, excluding City Holiday Closures.
  • Please have the last 4 digits of your primary ID ready.
  • All new services will have a security deposit applied to the account.
  • The security deposit will be applied towards your account, and will appear on your first billing statement. Payment is not necessary while initiating your account.
  • All service agreement forms are online. If a paper application is preferred, please call Customer Service to request one by mail. Start services may also be done by phone.

Step 2.Fill out the Applicable Service Agreement

For new customers or existing customers adding another service address.

  • Identification accepted: Social Security, Driver's License, Passport Number.
  • Only one legal name may be submitted when initiating service. 

Residential Customer Service Agreement (RSA)

For business customers requesting new utilities service.

  • Identification accepted: Federal Tax ID (EIN Number).
  • If applying under the owner's name, the Social Security Number is accepted for the primary ID.

Commercial Customer Service Agreement (CSA)

Step 3.Service Confirmation

  • Applications will be reviewed and processed within (2) business days upon submission.
  • When applications are processed by a customer service representative, a service confirmation will be emailed. 
  • If there is additional information needed, a Customer Service Representative will contact you.
  • If you have questions after start of your account, contact Customer Service: (650) 329-2161

Stop Service

To close your account, please follow the steps:

Step 1.Utilities Account Closure

  • To close a utility account, 1 business day notification is required before the stop date.
  • Services can only close Monday through Friday, excluding City Holiday closures.
  • If the deposit has not been returned, it will appear on your final bill. The final bill will be generated between 1-10 days after the utility account is closed.
  • Have your forwarding address ready. 
  • Closing an account may have services turned off. 
  • Closing an account can be done by logging into MyCPAU in the "Move Out" tab.
  • Closing an account or making stop date changes may also be done by calling Customer Service.

Step 2.Account Closure Request

Account Closure Request (ACR)

Step 3.Stop Service Confirmation

  • Online Stop Service requests will receive an emailed confirmation within (2) business days when application is processed.
  • MyCPAU users will receive an emailed confirmation in your notification inbox.
  • Requests completed by phone will be effective on the stop date as requested. If needed, an emailed confirmation can be made upon request.
  • If you are unsure of the Stop Service date, or need to make any changes, contact Customer Service: (650) 329-2161


For demolition or gas suspension services please follow the steps below:

Step 1.Before Application

  • For pre-project inquiry, estimates and permit information, please contact the City of Palo Alto’s Development Center.
  • Development Center
    By phone: (650) 329-2496
    By email:

  • Applying for permitted demolition is to remove the meter(s) or service line(s).
  • Lead time for applying and meter(s) and service line(s) being removed is between 1-10 business days.
  • Request to remove the water meter is the customer's responsibility to find a secondary water resource (hydrant, water truck, etc.)
  • Applications below will be submitted to Utilities Customer Service.
  • If utility lines need to be marked, call 811 dig or 1-800-227-2600

Step 2.Apply for Demolition or Suspension

To remove meter(s) and or service line(s) for demolition and construction:

Demolition and Construction

To lock the gas meter and avoid the monthly gas fee or for Electrification:

Gas Suspension or Removal

To apply for a Hydrant Meter where potable water is required:

Hydrant Meter Application

Step 3.Service Confirmation

  • Applications will be reviewed and processed by Utilities Customer Service within (3) business days upon submission.
  • If there is any additional information needed, Customer Service will contact you.
  • If you have additional questions, please contact Customer Service: (650) 329-2161

Change Service

To make changes to your utilities account complete these forms:

Step 1.Before Applying

  • All account change request forms are online.
  • If these forms do not fit your situation, review your utilities account with Customer Service.

Step 2.Utilities Account Change

To add or remove an authorized user to or from an existing Utility Account.

  • Only one additional authorized user may be added.
  • The authorized user will be listed as the C/O on the next printed billing statement.
  • The authorized user will have the capability to make changes in address, make payments, update information or open and close accounts.
  • The authorized user's name will NOT appear in MyCPAU, it will only appear in the billing invoices.

Utilities Account Change Form (UAC)

Step 3.Revert to Owner Agreement

Prevent interruption of power by having services automatically transferred back into your name.

  • New or existing tenants may call to start and or stop services through Utilities Customer Service. This will automatically close their billing account. Billing will automatically initiate under the revert to owner's name.
  • If the owner no longer manages or has sold the property, Customer Service must be notified at least 1 business day prior, otherwise billing will automatically be charged under the owner's name.
  • A Revert to Owner agreement is not initiation of utility services.

Revert to owner Agreement (RTO)

Step 4.Service Confirmation

  • Requests will be processed within (2) business days upon submission with an emailed confirmation.
  • If additional information is needed, Customer Service will contact you.
  • If you are unsure that a request has been processed, call Customer Service to confirm current status: (650) 329-2161