Knox Box Services

Guidelines for the City of Palo Alto Knox Box Installation

The following general guidelines are set forth by the Palo Alto Fire Department for the installation and placement of the Knox Box to secure building and premises keys.

  • Knox Box to be located in a visible and accessible area
  • Primary box to be located near the front entrance of the building; when possible or in a a location pre-approved by the Fire Department
  • Knox Boxes to be installed between five (5) and six (6) feet above grade.
  • Notification of the Knox Box location must be made to the Fire Department
  • The building owner/manger is responsible for the marking and identification of all keys placed in the Knox Box.  The marking on the keys shall indicate the access area of the building and function for the key. 
  • The building owner/manager is also responsible for contacting the Fire Department and coordinating the placement of keys into the permanently installed Knox Box.
  • The building owner/manager is responsible for ordering and receiving the Knox Box
  • The Fire Department shall be notified of the address of the Knox Box installation and informed when the installation is completed

To Purchase a Knox Box

Use this link to the Knox Box Store to purchase your box and perform the following

  • Click the red "Buy" link at the top right corner
  • Select California for "Your Location" field
  • Type Palo Alto Fire Dept in the "Local fire department/agency field"
  • Select the local first responder department or agency
  • Make the appropriate selection from the "Categories" drop down menu
  • Finally, select your product and complete purchase

Knox Box Services Request Form

Please use this Knox Box Services Request Form to request assistance for placement of new keys or to receive approval of your Knox Box installation.