Palo Alto FireMed

The Palo Alto FireMed program is a monthly subscription service that provides you peace of mind during medical emergencies that require an ambulance ride, originating in Palo Alto, to a regional hospital and helps the Palo Alto Fire Department continue providing high quality fire and emergency medical services to the community.

Learn how Palo Alto FireMed can save you hundreds of dollars and give you peace of mind if anyone in your household should need an emergency medical ambulance ride. When people need to call emergency medical services and receive an ambulance ride, the last thing anyone wants to think is, “How am I going to pay for this?”

Sign up for the low-cost monthly subscription to cover unlimited emergency medical ambulance rides for your entire household and visitors, and employees at your business in the case of a life-threatening medical emergency.

Sign up for as little as $8 / month

How it Works

In a medically necessary emergency that requires an ambulance ride, as a Palo Alto FireMed member, you will not pay out-of-pocket expenses, typically $385-650 per ride, for ambulance rides originating in the Palo Alto city limits to a regional hospital. Your insurance would be billed by Palo Alto Fire Department and you would receive the invoice or co-pay for the ambulance ride charges. If you receive an invoice or bill for charges related to the ambulance ride, please call the Fire Department's billing vendor, Digitech, to verify that you're in the Palo Alto FireMed program and have your fees waived. For more questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.