Apply for a Wide Load Permit

Wide Load permits are required for any oversized vehicle traveling on Palo Alto city streets.

Oversized vehicle movements along El Camino Real, Highway 101, Highway 280, Page Mill, Oregon, and Foothill Expressways are not controlled by the City of Palo Alto.

Questions/concerns about enforcement of oversized vehicles travelling properly in Palo Alto: Please call the Police Non-Emergency phone: (650) 329-2413.

Reference: Palo Alto Municipal Code - Chapter 10.48 TRUCKS AND TRUCK ROUTES


Step 1.Documents Needed

A valid certificate of insurance must be issued to the City of Palo Alto as Certificate Holder. Please see the Permit Conditions(PDF, 76KB) for more information. Please make sure a valid certificate is submitted when older ones expire.

Step 2.Fill out the application

Please fill out the Oversized Vehicle Permit Application Form(PDF, 67KB).

Step 3.Submit a map

Please submit a map showing your route from origin to destination. For reference, here the official City of Palo Alto Truck Route Map(PDF, 208KB) (That PDF includes a Digest of Truck Regulations.)  

Trucks should always follow the closest truck route, and always enter Palo Alto from Hwy 101 via San Antonio Rd, or from Hwy 280 via Page Mill Rd, or from Hwy 82 (El Camino Real), or from Alma St.

Step 4.Pay the permit fee

The permit fee is $16. 

You may mail a check for one permit at a time. Or you may mail in a check for $300.00 to start your drawdown account. For each permit issued, the $16 fee will be deducted from your drawdown account. Please keep track of all permits requested and send in a new check when the account balance gets low.

Please make checks payable to City of Palo Alto. Please mail to:

City of Palo Alto
Office of Transportation
250 Hamilton Ave, 5th Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Note: Please do not mail cash.

Step 5.Submit by email

Please email everything to

Step 6.Permit Issued

Once an application is received, please allow three business days for review and approval.

Once approved, the permit is emailed to the requester.

Permits must be carried in the oversize vehicle travelling in Palo Alto.