Street Parking in Palo Alto

The Office of Transportation is responsible for developing and implementing parking policies and programs that serve the needs of residents, employees, and visitors, while also supporting City transportation and environmental goals.

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All parking citations are paid through the Administrative Services Department. Find step by step instructions to pay online, by mail, or in-person.

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Parking Policies & Rules

Parking Action Plan

The Palo Alto Parking Action Plan presents comprehensive parking strategies for developing parking policy and implementation plans in the City of Palo Alto, coordinated by the Office of Transportation. More information coming soon.

General Parking and Curb Rules & Regulations

  • Parking is prohibited within 15 feet on either side of a fire hydrant as per California vehicle code.
  • Parking is prohibited in a wheelchair parking space and the access space next to it unless the parked vehicle displays the placard issued by the DMV.
  • On a five feet wide bike lane, parking is prohibited at all times.
  • On a seven to eight feet wide bike and parking lane, parking is prohibited from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • On a 12 feet wide bike and parking lane, parking is allowed at all times.
  • Any vehicle parked on a public street must be moved every 72 hours. Submit an Abandoned Vehicle Complaint online or call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at (650) 329-2258.
  • Palo Alto streets are swept bi-weekly.
  • To reserve curb space for moving trucks (no parking signage) please call the City’s Development Services department at (650) 329-2496 and press option 1 to reach a Project Coordinator.  
  • Stationary or moving pods on the public right-of-way require an encroachment permit. If you have questions, email or call (650) 329-2496 and press option 8.

Additional Parking Information & Resources

Downtown Color Zone Parking

Valet Assist Program