Community Engagement

Community engagement and civic participation is an important priority for the City and several community engagement options and ongoing communication on city programs, services and events are available to help inform City Council decision-making. The City uses a range of engagement approaches such as online surveys, polls, Annual Community Survey, neighborhood town halls, issue-specific town halls, focus groups, community meetings and workshops, and boards and commissions and City Council meetings. These engagement opportunities also support the implementation of the City’s workplans, and enhance City services and programs.  

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Palo Alto Community Survey

Every couple years, the City seeks community wide feedback through the Palo Alto Community Survey. The 2022 Palo Alto Community Survey process is a critical community feedback tool that helps the City Council and City staff understand community perspectives on current services and programs, as well as unmet needs and priorities. The survey was initially sent out via mail to a sample of registered voters that are a statistically valid population of Palo Alto and was subsequently available to all residents online. The survey is one way among many through which we gain insights from residents throughout our community.

View the 2022 Survey Results Here(PDF, 3MB)

Looking for previous year survey results?

2020 Palo Alto Community Survey (Formerly National Citizens Survey). For previous surveys, go here.

City Service Feedback

As a learning organization, the City of Palo Alto invites and encourages your feedback. We continuously strive to meet the expectations of our community and pride ourselves in service excellence. Please use this opportunity to engage with staff by providing your feedback on our customer service, programs, and other services provided to the public.

Submit Service Feedback Here 

Open Town Hall

Open Town Hall is an online forum for civic engagement. You are invited to read what others are saying about important Palo Alto topics, then post your own statement. The comments will be available to city officials making decisions on these topics.

Other Current Surveys Open for Feedback

Wilkie Bridge Pilot Project

The City is conducting a pilot project on Wilkie Bridge to explore options that address issues raised by community members regarding the slick surface of the wood decking when wet. Two anti-slip surfacing products were installed on the existing wood deck in two small sections of the bridge. Share your experience traveling on Wilkie Bridge over the anti-slip surfacing in wet and dry deck surface conditions.

Lived Experience of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders

Per City Council direction, the Human Resources Commission seeks to better understand the lived experience of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders in Palo Alto. Participate in a short survey open to anyone who lives, works, visits, goes to school or worships in Palo Alto. Survey data will be presented to the City Council to help us better understand and serve the AANHPI community. The deadline for this survey is March 31, 2023.

Gas Safety Awareness Telephone Survey

The City’s Utilities Department began conducting a residential survey about gas safety. This is the federally-mandated Gas Overall Awareness level (GOAL) survey, a nationwide program to assess public awareness of gas safety and our outreach efforts. Palo Alto Utilities customers and non-customers living near a gas pipeline will be randomly selected to receive a phone call with questions on this topic. This automated telephone survey is conducted every year to ensure that the community has adequate information on safety protocols. If you get a call, thank you in advance for helping by answering the questions! If you have any questions or concerns, call (650) 329-2161 or visit for more information about our gas and other utility safety programs.

Neighborhood Town Hall

In partnership together, the City of Palo Alto, City Council, Palo Alto Neighborhoods, and community leaders are hosting a series of town halls to connect, hear about City updates, and gain input on neighborhood issues.

Upcoming Neighborhood Town Halls 

The City of Palo Alto and Neighborhood Leaders plan to host the next Neighborhood Town Hall on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. with the neighborhood areas of Greenmeadow, Greendell, Walnut Grove, Fairmeadow, Charleston Meadow, Charleston Garden, Charleston Village, Adobe Meadow, Meadow Park, and Greenhouse. The meeting will be held at the Mitchell Park Community Center, El Palo Alto Room. The meeting will be streamed live for those interested in watching. To participate and share input, please plan to attend the meeting in person. 

Agenda(PDF, 111KB)

Meeting Flyer(PDF, 703KB)

Past Neighborhood Town Halls

The City of Palo Alto and Neighborhood Leaders hosted a Neighborhood Town Hall with the neighborhood areas of Barron Park, Barron Square, Greenacres I, Greenacres II, Palo Alto Orchards and Monroe Park on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Meeting topics included: Traffic Issues, Crime Update, and Brief updates on Housing Element, local elections/Measure K&L and Sustainability priorities, Creekside Inn Prescreening Process. Find meeting resources below.


Palo Alto Digital Forum

In 2021, the City launched the Palo Alto Digital Forum utilizing ESRI, an ArcGIS platform, to better engage residents and businesses through community mapping. The Digital Forum serves as a hub for the community to stay informed, engage, and connect together on key Palo Alto initiatives. Join the conversation and share this new platform with your community networks. Check back regularly as new features and initiatives are added, including a new hub focused on Sustainability and Climate Action!

Palo Alto Digital Forum

Community Engagement Events

Find other engagement events, workshops, and more on the City's web calendar.

Website Feedback

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