Bicycling & Walking


Leading the Way

Palo Alto has been at the forefront of bicycle and pedestrian planning since the early 1980’s, when the City developed the nation’s first bicycle boulevard on Bryant Street. Combined with a lively and historic downtown, and great connections to Stanford University and regional transit, the city attracts commuters, students, and visitors alike to bicycle or walk at much higher rates than other South Bay Area communities. Palo Alto can build upon this history and demand for bicycling and walking to solidify its status as one of the most bicycle-friendly communities in California, if not the country.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan

The Palo Alto Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan(PDF, 19MB) was adopted in July 2012.  The Plan identifies objectives for the expansion of bicycle and pedestrian goals for the City. The City has a goal of expanding all bicycle commute trips by 2020 to 15%. This supports the City's additional goals to encourage a life-long appreciation for bicycle commuting, to support healthy living and to reduce the impacts of global climate change.

This Plan will be updated beginning in 2021. 

Bicycle Boulevard Projects

Read about the Neighborhood Traffic Safety and Bicycle Boulevard (NTSBB) Projects.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Committee (PABAC) 

Visit our PABAC web page to learn more about our volunteer citizen advisory committee.

Want to Walk or Bike to School?

Palo Alto is home to one of the nation’s leading Safe Routes to School programs. An impressive average of 44% of high school students commute to school on bicycle in part due to the past efforts to provide bicycle-friendly infrastructure within the community. Check out our Safe Routes to School website to learn more or get involved.

Protect Your Bike: Register with Bike Index

Bike Index is a free national database that has reunited over 5,500 stolen bikes with their owners. Many law enforcement agencies, including the Palo Alto Police Department, use Bike Index. Follow our guide on registering your bike or visit to register.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Bike Resources page to learn more.