Palo Alto FireMed

The Palo Alto Fire Department launched a new ambulance subscription program for the community to enhance the services provided in Palo Alto and to offer a low-cost alternative to paying for an emergency ambulance ride. 

Subscribing to Palo Alto FireMed gives you and your household the peace of mind that you’re protecting yourself and loved ones. You do not need to worry about high ambulance costs when you are subscribed.

Palo Alto residents and businesses can sign up for a monthly subscription/membership that would provide emergency medical ambulance services to the household or business without paying for the ride upfront. To participate in the program, health insurance is required and is a requirement by the State of California that each person maintain qualifying health insurance throughout the year. Residential members, and guests visiting your house, are covered when picked up at the subscription members’ home. Business members: Palo Alto FireMed covers all employees at the business address or those elsewhere within the City of Palo Alto during the course of their work duties. A business membership does not cover customers or other visitors to the business premises.

How do members pay for the monthly subscription fee? 

Paid for through the City of Palo Alto Utility Bill, the monthly subscription is a low-cost alternative to paying for an emergency ambulance ride. The subscription fee will show up on your utility bill as a separate service identified as Palo Alto FireMed, the Ambulance Subscription Program. Once the Fire Department receives your enrollment request, your membership will be activated on your next Utility bill date. No member identification card will be issued, your home address confirms your membership; please notify the Fire Department of any address changes. 

Palo Alto FireMed Secures No Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

When you take an emergency medical ambulance ride within City limits, a Palo Alto Fire Department ambulance will likely transport you - or a County-maintained ambulance will arrive if all PAFD ambulances are otherwise occupied. As a Palo Alto FireMed member, you may receive an invoice or bill from Digitech, the ambulance insurance billing company that handles billing for the Department. FireMed members are not required to pay the amount on the invoice. Please call Digitech at (888) 980-9213 to verify your membership and waive potential fees.

Sign up for Palo Alto FireMed today!