Support Palo Alto Parks, Recreation, and Open Space

Please join us! Learn about how to participate and contribute funds to support parks and recreation projects. These organizations help to connect the community with Community Services projects through fundraising and volunteering. Click the links below to find specific projects and ensure your funds are directly supporting designated projects.

Palo Alto is fortunate to have a history of exceptional parks, open space and recreation programs and we can all work together to ensure that future generations enjoy our community.

Other Funding Sources

According to the 2017 Parks, Trails, Natural Open Space, and Recreation Master Plan, the City uses a variety of funding sources to support parks, trails, natural open space, and recreation. These sources are described on Appendix D2 through D5 of the Master Plan, with a caution that the City has more options for funding capital projects than it does for funding to fund the operation, maintenance and programming of the system.

  1. General Fund
  2. Parkland Dedication Fees
  3. Development Impact Fees
  4. Grants
  5. Public Private Partnerships
  6. Donations

Palo Alto Community has a long history of support for parks, recreation and open space. It is important to celebrate our heritage and plan for the future. The Park and Recreation Commission looks forward to continuing to work with the community and the staff on these initiatives.