Benefits of Palo Alto FireMed

The Palo Alto FireMed program is a monthly subscription service that provides you peace of mind during medical emergencies that require an ambulance ride to the hospital and helps the Palo Alto Fire Department continue providing high quality fire and emergency medical services to the community.

Low Cost

As a Palo Alto resident, your $8 monthly subscription covers the charges associated with an ambulance ride for everyone living in your household and your visitors – you pay $8 per month regardless of the number of people living in your house. The subscription is conveniently paid via your monthly Palo Alto Utility bill. On average, a typical ambulance fee, assuming the person taking the ride has insurance, is $385 per ride. A subscription will cover the fee (co-payment) of the emergency medical ambulance ride so that your out-of-pocket expense is $0. Subscribing to Palo Alto FireMed gives you and your household the peace of mind that you’re protecting yourself and loved ones. You don’t need to worry about high ambulance costs when you’re subscribed.

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Easy Business Membership Options

Palo Alto businesses are eligible to subscribe to Palo Alto FireMed to provide the same service to their employees. As an added benefit, subscribing your business provides added assurance to your employees for emergency medical services. The same as resident subscribers, the monthly subscription is added to your utility bill, and is charged based on the number of people employed. Customers and visitors to your business would not be covered. 

The business program subscription is charged based on the number of current employees. See monthly subscription costs by tier and employee headcount in the table below. 


  Employee Headcount  

 Monthly Fee  
















Providing this service can help attract talent by incentivizing added medical benefits to employees. When subscribed, Palo Alto FireMed supports all employees at businesses in Palo Alto, regardless of their city residence. FireMed provides co-pay waived ambulance rides from your business to the hospital for medical emergencies requiring an ambulance. The program covers all employees at the business address or employees elsewhere in the City of Palo Alto while performing their work duties. The business subscription does not cover customers or other visitors to the premises of the business. 

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Support Your Local Fire Department

Palo Alto FireMed not only supports Palo Alto residents and businesses, but also the Palo Alto Fire Department (PAFD). By subscribing to Palo Alto FireMed, you are supporting your local fire department to continue providing high-quality emergency medical services to the community. PAFD is the only fire agency in Santa Clara County to provide ambulance services, transporting approximately 3,500 people every year, and is recognized as one of the City’s highest-rated services. Emergency medical calls constitute two-thirds of all calls for service, and for five consecutive years, PAFD exceeded the Emergency Medical Services response standard for a unit to arrive on-scene within 8 minutes or less 90% of the time and a paramedic on-scene in 12 minutes or less 99% of the time. Whether or not you’re subscribed to Palo Alto FireMed, PAFD will always provide the community with the highest level of emergency services.

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