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The City Clerk is appointed by the City Council and is the liaison between the public and the City Council. We are a service department for the City Council, City departments and the public. They rely on us for information about the operations and legislative history of the City. The City Clerk is also the Elections Official of the City and assists with potential candidates and ballot measures. Our office serves to help the community take part in their government.

Key Responsibilities:

  • City Council Agendas
  • Public Records Act Requests
  • Local Elections 
  • Boards and Commissions Recruitment
  • Political Reform Act
  • Legal Noticing
  • City Records Management


City Council and Standing Committee Meetings

City Council Meetings

Regular City Council meetings are held at 6 p.m. on the first three Mondays of each month. Due to the high volume of agenda items heard, City Council has been holding special meetings that usually start at 5 p.m. Pursuant to the provisions of the AB-361, Palo Alto City Council meetings will be held as "hybrid" meetings with the option to attend by teleconference or in person. To maximize public safety while still maintaining transparency and public access, members of the public can choose to participate from home or attend in person. Meetings are broadcast on Cable TV Channel 26 or 29, live on YouTube, and live on the Midpen Media Center. The Palo Alto Daily Post publishes a copy of the Agenda on the Friday preceding the City Council Meeting.

Standing Committee Meetings

The City Council participates in meeting groups to develop discussion on City matters. The Mayor assigns Council Members to Standing Committees annually. The City Council can also create Ad Hoc Committees based on need. Ad Hocs are short-term Committees for very specific discussions. City Council can appoint up to three members to an Ad Hoc Committee.

Boards, Commissions, and Committee Meetings

The City of Palo Alto has eight Boards and Commissions appointed by the City Council. The Boards and Commissions focus on specific areas of discussion. Members volunteer their time and expertise to the City. The City Clerk's Office coordinates recruitments to fill vacancies on the City's Boards and Commissions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where can I get a vital records (marriage licenses, birth or death certificates)?
A: They are maintained by Santa Clara County. Access Birth / Death Certificates and Marriage Licenses (408-299-5688)

Q: Where can I see filed FPPC Forms?
Completed forms are available through the NetFile System Public Portal. Form 700 filers or campaigns can file FPPC forms through the NetFile Employee Login.

Q: How can I view Ordinances and Resolutions?
All our records are available on the City Clerk's Records Portal.

Q: How can I submit a claim?
A: Complete the Claim form listed on the Claims Against the City webpage through the preferred method (online, in-person, mail).

Q: Is there a City Roster listing phone numbers and email addresses?
A: Yes! View our City Roster.(PDF, 302KB)

Q: Does Palo Alto file Domestic Partnerships?
A: Yes! We file Domestic Partnerships. Fill out the Domestic Partnership Form(PDF, 51KB) and Book a Service Appointment with the City Clerk's Office.

Q: Where can I get more information on how, when, and where to vote?
This is coordinated with the Santa Clara County, but view some good resources below!


Looking for a Legislative Record? Search the newly launched Records Portal to find City Council actions, agendas, minutes, resolutions, ordinances, contracts and more. Additional records are being added into this system on a daily basis.

View the City Clerk Records Portal 

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