Electric Vehicles

Various electric cars charging at the Bryant Street Garage

The City of Palo Alto encourages the use of Electric Vehicles (EVs) as part of our progress towards becoming one of the greenest cities in the country. Our city ranks as one of the top in the nation to embrace this clean technology. EVs now account for more than 30% of new car sales in Palo Alto - the highest adoption rate in the country.

Driving and charging an EV in Palo Alto makes sense given the City's carbon neutral electricity supply and low electric retail rates. Installing EV chargers is also easier than ever with the EV Charging Technical Assistance program. This program provides personalized technical assistance, free of charge, to support owners and managers of multifamily properties, schools and nonprofits.

Together with City rebates of up to $80,000 and potential state and local grants, now is the time to install EV charging equipment on your property.