Plans, Policies, and Ordinances

Since 1991, the Palo Alto City Council, City Manager, and City of Palo Alto Departments have adopted policies, plans, ordinances, resolutions, and principles that have helped to increase the sustainability of Palo Alto. In addition, the City of Palo Alto is currently integrating sustainability principles in the Comprehensive Plan.

Council Approved Plans

2018-2020 Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP) – December 11, 2017(PDF, 907KB)Staff Report 8487(PDF, 2MB)

Baylands Master Plan – 2008(PDF, 9MB)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan – July 2012(PDF, 19MB)

Carbon Neutral Natural Gas Plan – November 14,  2016(PDF, 2MB)

Carbon Neutral Plan for the Electric Supply Portfolio – March 4, 2013(PDF, 127KB)Staff Report 3550(PDF, 3MB)

Clean Bay Pollution Prevention Plan

Climate Protection Plan – December 3, 2007(PDF, 968KB)Staff Report 435:07(PDF, 19KB)

Disinfection Alternatives Work Plan – August 2005

Foothills Fire Management Plan 2016 Update - January 23, 2017(PDF, 2MB) 

Gas Utility Long-Term Plan – April 23, 2012(PDF, 87KB)Staff Report 2552(PDF, 402KB)

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plan Framework – June 30, 2017(PDF, 1MB)

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plan – May 13, 2019(PDF, 23MB)Staff Report 9883(PDF, 25MB)

Local Hazard Mitigation and Adaptation Plan: Palo Alto Annex – March 2017(PDF, 7MB)

Local Solar Plan – April 21, 2014(PDF, 100KB)Staff Report 4608(PDF, 2MB)

Long Term Energy Acquisition Plan (LEAP) - April 16, 2012(PDF, 12KB)Staff Report 2710(PDF, 138KB)

Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan – 2015, Staff Report 5969(PDF, 4MB)

Parks, Trails, Natural Open Space and Recreation Master Plan – August 2017(PDF, 17MB) (please visit our Parks Master Plan page for more information)

Recycled Water Facility Plan – December 2008(PDF, 12MB)

Sustainability and Climate Action Plan – November 28, 2016(PDF, 3MB)Staff Report 7304(PDF, 2MB)

Threat and Hazards Identification and Risk Assessment – 2017 Update(PDF, 914KB) (please visit our THIRA page for more information)

Urban Forest Master Plan 

Urban Forest Master Plan – May 11, 2015, Staff Report 1332(PDF, 4MB)

Urban Forest Master Plan Second Edition – February 25, 2019, Staff Report 10034(PDF, 999KB)

Urban Water Management Plan (2010) – June 2011(PDF, 5MB)

Urban Water Management Plan (2015) – June 2016(PDF, 2MB)

Urban Water Management Plan and Water Shortage Contingency Plan (2020) – June 2021(PDF, 2MB)

Utilities 2011 Strategic Plan – July 18, 2011, Revised August 5, 2013(PDF, 133KB)

Zero Waste Strategic Plan – October 2005(PDF, 949KB) 

Zero Waste Operational Plan – June 2007(PDF, 2MB) 

Zero Waste Plan – August 2018(PDF, 7MB)Staff Report 9237(PDF, 1MB)


Anti-Idling Ordinance - July 30, 2018 (Staff Report 9471)(PDF, 2MB) (please visit our Idle Free Palo Alto page for more information) 

Deconstruction & Construction Materials Management Ordinance - Effective 07/01/2020, Staff Report 10148(PDF, 3MB)Second Reading(PDF, 239KB) 

Disposable Foodware Ordinance - Effective 01/01/2020, Produce Bag Requirement effective 07/01/2020

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Ordinance 5263(PDF, 97KB) - Effective September 2014 through 06/19/2015

Energy Reach Code Ordinance 5485(PDF, 574KB) - Effective 04/01/2020

Energy Reach Code Ordinance 5383(PDF, 4MB) - Effective 01/01/2017 through 12/31/2019

Energy Reach Code Ordinance 5345(PDF, 4MB) - Effective 09/10/2015  through 12/31/2016

Food Waste Ordinance 5473(PDF, 343KB)Staff Report 10148(PDF, 3MB)Second Reading(PDF, 281KB)

Green Building Ordinance 5481(PDF, 583KB) - Effective 01/01/2020

Green Building Ordinance 5393(PDF, 546KB) - Effective 01/01/2017 through 12/31/2019

Green Building Ordinance 5324(PDF, 924KB) - Effective 06/22/2015 through 12/31/2016

Green Building Ordinance 5220(PDF, 462KB) - Effective December 2013 through 06/19/2015

Leaf Blower Ordinance 4634 - June 13, 2005(PDF, 604KB) 

Palo Alto Single-use Checkout Bag Ordinance - Effective 6/1/2013, Staff Report 3065(PDF, 7MB)

Polystyrene Reduction Ordinance – May 11, 2009, Revised April 29, 2010(PDF, 221KB)Staff Report 201:09(PDF, 239KB)Staff Report 206:10(PDF, 601KB)

Recycled Water Infrastructure Ordinance – May 12, 2008(PDF, 267KB)Staff Report 203:08(PDF, 18KB)

Recycling and Composting Ordinance – January 11, 2016Staff Report 6475(PDF, 796KB)

Sewer Use Ordinance – June 21, 2010(PDF, 878KB)Staff Report 252:10(PDF, 5MB)

Smoking Ordinance – October 3, 1995, updated December 5, 2016(PDF, 685KB)Staff Report 7544(PDF, 301KB)

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Ordinance – January 10, 2011(PDF, 184KB) 

Tree Ordinance – July 21, 2022Staff Report 14355(PDF, 957KB)

Resolutions and Adopted Principles

Ahwahnee Water Principles Resolution No. 8560 – October 17, 2005(PDF, 184KB)Modified Ahwahnee Water Principles – September 13, 2005(PDF, 1MB) 

Bay Friendly Landscaping Resolution – January 22, 2008

Carbon Neutral Natural Gas Plan for the Gas Supply Portfolio Resolution No. 9649 – December 5, 2016(PDF, 164KB)Staff Report 7284(PDF, 2MB)

Carbon Neutral Plan for the Electric Supply Portfolio Resolution No. 9322 – March 4, 2013(PDF, 185KB)

Complete Streets Resolution No. 9562 – November 30, 2015(PDF, 2MB)Staff Report 6292(PDF, 448KB)

Establishing a Local Solar Plan Resolution No. 9402 – April 21, 2014(PDF, 106KB) 

Green Business Program Resolution No. 7877 – July 19, 1999(PDF, 73KB) 

Palo Alto Energy Risk Management Policy Resolution No. 9454 – October 6, 2014(PDF, 499KB) 

Potential Impacts of Climate Change and Externality Costs Resolution No. 9013 – December 7, 2009(PDF, 74KB) 

Renewables Portfolio Standards Enforcement Program Resolution No. 9214 – December 12, 2011(PDF, 62KB) 

Renewable Energy Resources Procurement Plan Resolution No. 9215 – December 12, 2011(PDF, 53KB)Revised Resolution No. 9381 – November 12, 2013(PDF, 105KB)Staff Report 4168(PDF, 2MB)

State and National Extended Producer Responsibility Actions Resolution No. 9017 – December 14, 2009(PDF, 121KB) 

Urging CalPERS to Divest from Publicly Traded Fossil Fuel Companies Resolution 9493 – February 9, 2015(PDF, 75KB)Colleagues Memo(PDF, 416KB)