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In Palo Alto 1 in 6 households already drives an Electric Vehicle (EV) – the highest adoption rate in the country. There are more models to choose from than ever before with improved range and at various price points. With lower maintenance and fueling costs, EVs are cheaper to own than a fossil fuel vehicle. The transition is happening here and now. Take advantage of the various incentives available today making EVs and EV charging equipment more affordable. Furthermore, driving and charging an EV in Palo Alto especially makes sense given the City's carbon neutral electricity supply and low electric retail rates.

Additional Resources


Join the EV Revolution

Let us guide and support you when navigating the transition from a fossil fuel vehicle to an EV. Our EV webpages include information on choosing and comparing vehicles and installing charging equipment. Rebates for installing EV charging equipment are available for schools, non-profits and multi-family properties.  If installing EV charging infrastructure requires these properties to upgrade electric service capacity, CPAU offers Transformer Upgrade Rebates, which are also available for single-family homes. 

For general EV or EV charger questions, contact Utilities Program Services at (650) 329-2241. 
For permit related questions, contact Development Services at (650) 329-3496. 
For utility service upgrade questions, contact Utilities Electrical Engineering at (650) 566-4500. 

Public EV Charging Stations

Click on a pin to learn more about the EV Charging Stations available in Palo Alto and the surrounding regions. Note: Some EV charging stations are free and others have fees and/or are only open to members of a certain network.

Be sure to also check out the City of Palo Alto's public charging stations now available at eight city garages and two libraries (Mitchell Park and Rinconada).

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News & Updates

$1000 Tax Credit for Installing EV Charger

If you equipped your home or business with an EV Charger, you may be eligible for a tax credit using IRS Form 8911.  Congress recently extended a federal tax credit that will allow you to take 30% of the cost (up to $1000) for purchasing and installing an EV charger at your home or business. You can claim this credit if you installed an EV charger between January 2017 and December 31 2020.  Consult your tax advisor for details.

EV Charger Rebates for Multi-User Sites

CPAU is now offering a rebate of up to $80,000 for the installation of EV Chargers at eligible sites, including schools, and multifamily properties.

To learn more, visit our EV Chargers for Organizations page.

Rebates for EV Charging Installations at Nonresidential Sites

The City of Palo Alto is participating in a CALeVIP (California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project), investing up to $2 million to install hundreds of electric charging stations over the next three years.

Visit the CALeVIP webpage to learn more about the program.