Administrative Services


The Administrative Services Department (ASD) provides proactive financial and analytical support to City departments and decision-makers. ASD safeguards and facilitates the optimal use of City resources throughout the organization.

ASD is a transparent, innovative and efficient support services organization that is accountable for the assets entrusted to it. Our employees work together to add value to organizational processes and procedures and are perceived by our customers as a trusted partner in providing services to the residents of Palo Alto. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Support – ASD partners with other departments throughout the organization to enhance the delivery of City Services and projects and effectively manage resources. 
  • High Quality Customer Service -  ASD works collaboratively to provide accurate, timely, and reliable service to partners and to find creative solutions to problems while protecting public assets. 
  • Innovation and Continuous Improvement – ASD routinely evaluates the effectiveness of its processes and makes improvements to better serve the City and our customers. 
  • Best Practice Application - Best practices are ensured in order to support the broader goals of the City of Palo Alto Organization.

Learn more about the City of Palo Alto’s ‘Open Budget’ transparency tool. A historical presentation of budget and actual revenue/expense data for any City fund, department, or line item can be found at the link below.

Open Budget

The Administration division provides leadership to the department, guides the departmental focus, and works on special projects as assigned by the City Manager or the Administrative Services Director.  

The Administration Division can be reached by phone at: (650) 329-2692.

The Accounting division processes, records, reports, and analyzes Citywide financial transactions. The four different groups under accounting can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Governmental Fund Accounting 650-329-2682

Enterprise Accounting (650) 329-2146

Accounts Payable (650) 329-2399

Payroll Processing (650) 838-2715,

OMB works collaboratively with departments to develop, analyze, and publish the annual operating and capital budgets. OMB supports the work of the City through financial, organizational, and policy analyses of various issues, programs, and service delivery models.  

OMB can be reached at: (650) 329-2260

The Money Management & Treasury division safely and effectively manages the City’s cash, invests funds according to the City’s Investment Policy and State code, and facilitates debt financing when required. The division is responsible for maintaining both the debt policy and  investment policy(PDF, 207KB).(PDF, 205KB)

You can also view the City’s Independent Registered Municipal Advisor (IRMA) Disclosure Certificate Letter. 

The Money Management & Treasury division can be reached at (650)329-2362

Purchasing and Contract Administration efficiently coordinates the purchase of goods and contracting of services used by the City. The division also provides property disposal services.  

You can access the Purchasing and Contract Administration page for more information or the division can be reached by phone at (650) 329-2271

The Real Estate and Property Management division manages and efficiently utilizes City-owned properties to maximize both monetary and non-monetary benefits. 

The division acquires, leases, and sells property – or property rights of way – for public use and improvement projects such as utility facilities, parks, museums, and community centers. They also acquire all easements needed for utilities services and, at the request of the property owner, vacates any easements no longer used or needed by the City.  

The Real Estate and Property Management division can be reached at (650) 329-2677

Revenue Collections is responsible for the collection of City Revenue generated from utility billings, the sale of parking permits, transient occupancy tax payments, parking citation payments, utility user tax payments and miscellaneous accounts receivable invoices. The office is open to the public, which allows staff members to provide personalized assistance to customers who have concerns or issues.

The Revenue Collections division can be reached at (650) 329-2317