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This is a soft launch of the City’s new agenda management system and new records search. You may see "test" entries in the system through January 2023. Provide feedback on your experience at the bottom of this page.

The Office of the City Clerk maintains important legislative documents concerning Palo Alto. To promote transparency and public engagement, we are excited to launch this new Records Portal as an efficient and easy platform to search for historic City legislative records. Records currently include, but are not limited to:

  • Published City Agenda Packets and Minutes
  • Ordinances
  • Resolutions
  • Proclamations

This is a new platform and records will be added on a regular basis. Don’t see what you are looking for? Email the City Clerk's office at

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How to Search for Records

Video: How to Use the Search Portal 

To find a record, please enter a key word into the search bar below, or you can select from pre-defined searches in the list below. For an expanded search, use the left side pull down menu titled “Customize Search” and select additional criteria to search under, such as Title, key word, or folder. Alternately, you can select “browse” on the top of the portal and it will allow access to documents by folder which are sorted by document type, committee, year or number. You can easily preview the document before you download it in the window to the right by clicking on the “preview” tab.

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Resources for Other City Records

The City of Palo Alto actively encompasses the values of transparency and accountability. Within the vast inter-workings of our departments, each division strives to promote civic integrity for our residents. Platforms for public information and government data have been created and maintained as a result. The City encourages and appreciates our residents who continue to expand their civic awareness and participation. Explore our available resources below.

Municipal Code and the City Charter

Our Municipal Code is a collection of passed legislation by the Palo Alto City Council and is subject to change. The passed legislation is referred to as an Ordinance or measure and have the effect of law, unless declared invalid/unconstitutional. The City Charter defines the powers, functions, and procedures of Palo Alto. It is an important legal document that provides the framework of our City.

While every attempt is made to keep this online version current, it should be used for reference only. The most recent Ordinances amending the Palo Alto Municipal Code may be found in the City Clerk's office. The online version of the Municipal Code is updated several times per year.

Municipal Code                 City Charter

NetFile Portal (FPPC Form 700's and Campaign Forms)

The City Clerk is the local Filing Officer for the City of Palo Alto. All local campaign committees and Form 700 filers are required to file statements with the City Clerk. The City Clerk complies with the regulations of California's Political Reform Act and abides by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

The City of Palo Alto uses the NetFile system to file FPPC documents, such as Conflict of Interest Filings (Form 700) and campaign-related forms (Form 410, 460, etc.). Council Members, Board and Commission Members, and select City staff must file a Form 700. We encourage filing the forms electronically for secured, efficient, and accessible documentation. All completed documents are available through the NetFile Public Portal.

To view a list of positions required to file a Form 700, please see the Conflict of Interest Resolution(PDF, 585KB).

NetFile Employee/Elected Official Login

NetFile System Public Portal

NetFile System Public Portal - Form 700

Open Data Portal

The City of Palo Alto Open Data Portal, first launched in 2012, includes over 100 datasets with continuous additions. For example, the public can easily access information on how the City of Palo Alto spends money; employee salary data; the status of development permits; geospatial data; historic library information; utilities data; and current infrastructure issues. 

Explore Palo Alto's Open Data

Open Town Hall

Open Town Hall is an online forum for civic engagement. Read public discussion regarding important Palo Alto topics, and post opinions and statements for involved conversations. The comments will be available to city officials making decisions on these topics.

Visit Palo Alto's Open Town Hall

Ordinances and Resolutions


Ordinances are laws passed by the Palo Alto City Council and generally govern matters not already specified by state/federal laws. The majority of Ordinances deal with maintaining the general welfare of the City. Examples include, but are not limited to: building, zoning, public health, and business regulations.

Individual Ordinances are sorted by year, and each are embedded as links within the page. If you wish to search for a specific topic, press Ctrl F (PC) or Command F (Mac) to search a keyword within the list.


Resolutions are non-binding motions that express the Palo Alto City Council's consensus on matters of public policy, social issues, and legal rights. They also are used for internal and administrative purposes, such as scheduling the City Council Summer/Winter closures and calling General Municipal Elections. Resolutions are not laws like Ordinances, but they showcase the resolve and support of the Council.

Individual Resolutions are sorted by year, and each are embedded as links within the page. If you wish to search for a specific topic, press Ctrl F (PC) or Command F (Mac) to search a keyword within the list.

Planning and Development Services Record

The Planning and Development Services team holds an abundance of helpful information readily available for the public. View the Current Planning page for more resources.

Helpful Links:

  • Parcel Reports
    • Save time, money and energy! Download and print a Parcel Report detailing pertinent information about a lot or parcel within the City of Palo Alto by using the new “Online Parcel Report” tool.   
  • Building Records on Accela
    • View and schedule inspections with the City’s Accela Citizen Access (ACA) web portal. Historical building permit records are also available through this resource.  
  • BuildingEye
    • Use the “BuildingEye” tool to view planning applications, building permits, and code enforcement cases all over the city. Simply click on the icons to learn more about each project.

Police Department's Public Information Portal

The Palo Alto Police Department is committed to informing the public about police activities, department policies, and agency practices. With the values of accountability, integrity, and openness while serving the community, the Police Department provides information on police incidents, police report logs, and crime statistics.

Police Department's Public Information Portal

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