Current Planning


The Current Planning Division of the Planning & Development Services is your go-to for project guidance and advice. Our team works with community members, developers, designers, engineers, and other stakeholders through every step in the development process to achieve the best designs possible for our City. Once an application is submitted, our team reviews and approves (or denies) potential and proposed development projects. Such development projects range in size and scope from retail sign replacements and landscape updates to the design and realization of mid-rise offices and new residential developments. 

Please note that the division does not, however, issue building permits. For building permits and general development questions please contact the Development Services.

Areas of Work

We do it all! Follow the links to learn more about our development processes, considerations and forms as well as our current and recent projects.

Planning Entitlement Application & Review

Pending & Approved Projects

Planning staff works on projects of all types and sizes at all different stages in the design and development process. Some of the most common projects we work on are new single-family homes, home renovations and new retail and office spaces. However, we also work on everything else from storefront redesigns and landscaping projects to large, mixed-use developments.

All Planning Applications and Decisions

You may use our “BuildingEye” tool to view project applications (big and small!) all over the city. Simply click on the icons to learn more about each project.

Pending Projects (Subject to Public Hearing)

A handful of our projects require a public hearing by the Architectural Review Board (ARB), Historic Review Board (HRB), Planning and Transportation Commission (PTC) and/or City Council. Visit our Pending Projects page to learn more about each of these public interest projects.

Approved Projects (Subject to Public Hearing)

You may view the details and development status of recently approved projects on our Approved Projects page.  Please note this page only features those projects that have been through a public hearing process. Many other projects are approved at the staff level.  Full details on these staff level projects may be found in Building Eye.

Pending Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) Permit Applications

Wireless Communication Facility (WCF) Permit applications are reviewed in accordance with Palo Alto Municipal Code (PAMC) Section 18.42.110. Visit our Pending Wireless Communication Facility Permit application webpage to learn more about each of these Tier 2 WCF and Tier 3 WCF applications.

Staff Level Decisions

Projects that do not require a public hearing are often subject to staff level review. This page provides updates on recent staff decisions.