Palo Alto Police Chief Selection

The City Manager has launched a selection process for the next Police Chief. Community input was gained in a variety of ways to gain community priorities for the Police Department and key skills needed for the next Police Chief. Information shared has helped inform next steps as the City Manager moves forward with the recruitment of the next Palo Alto Police Chief. Check back as updates are posted on the process.

Police Chief Recruitment Underway  NEW!

The Police Chief recruitment is underway. Themes heard from the community were synthesized into the description of the ideal candidate’s key characteristics. The recruitment is being overseen by the City’s Human Resources Director and a formal interview process with multiple interview panels with individuals representing a range of perspectives, including residents, business, faith, education, regional public safety partners and City staff leadership is planned. The City Manager has responsibility for the selection in accordance with the City’s municipal code, subject to approval by the City Council at a public Council meeting. 

For more details, read the recruitment brochure linked below.

Police Chief Recruitment Brochure Cover(PDF, 4MB)

Community Listening Sessions

Thank you to all who attended the listening session hosted by the Human Relations Commission meeting on March 10 with City Manager Ed Shikada, and the two community listening sessions host by City Manager Ed Shikada on March 19 and 31. The input received and other feedback gained via the web input form and direct emails to the City Manager are also helping to inform the process.

Themes heard from the community include transparency, accountability, and the importance of making community connections. Review all the online feedback received(PDF, 287KB). A word cloud of the themes from community input is posted below. 

Police Chief Selection Word Cloud Themes

Watch the Human Relations Commission Listening Session


Watch the March 19 Community Listening Session

Watch the March 31 Community Listening Session

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