Application Forms & Guidelines


These forms and guidelines are intended for customers needing new utility service connection, upgrade, relocation or temporary power for a residential or commercial/industrial/multi-family construction project.

Contact the Utilities Customer Service Center at (650) 329-2161 for assisting with utility turn on, turn off, starting or stopping service and/or for billing inquires.

Water, Gas, Wastewater Standards

These standards govern the requirements for design and construction of all water, gas, and wastewater utility facilities within the City of Palo Alto. Private utilities on private property are under the jurisdiction of the City's Development Services Division. All Water, Gas, Wastewater (WGW) utility projects within the City's public right of way (including gas services up to and encompassing the gas meter) shall conform to these standards and the Public Works Standard Drawings and Specifications unless otherwise approved in writing by the WGW Engineering Manager. 

If you have questions, please call WGW Engineering at (650) 566-4501.

Electric Service Requirements

The Utilities Department establishes electrical standards to provide uniform, satisfactory, and safe service to customers in the City of Palo Alto. These regulations may differ from those of PG&E and other electric companies. Please note that standards set by other utilities may not be acceptable within our jurisdiction.

These requirements are for the planning and construction phases of your electrical installation. Please visit our Electric Service Requirements page for a list of the specification drawings.

 If you have questions, please call Electric Engineering at (650) 566-4500.