Multifamily Plus Program

 Multifamily Plus header.png

The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) Multifamily Plus Program helps multifamily building owners upgrade housing for energy efficiency and get ready for electric vehicles (EVs). 

How efficient is your building?

Upgrade your multifamily complex at no cost. CPAU's team of energy experts will work with you to help lower your building's energy consumption through efficiency measures, saving you money and reducing carbon emissions. Solutions may include the following: 

  • Installing LED lights
  • Sealing leaky air ducts
  • Adding insulation and weatherization in attics, roofs, walls, door and windows
  • Providing incentives to install EV chargers

Is your building EV ready?

For a limited time, CPAU will pay for 75% of all EV charger installation costs, up to $80,000, at multifamily and mixed-use buildings.  Cost reimbursement may include the following:

  • Permitting
  • Electricity panel upgrades
  • Trenching and conduit work
  • Installation of EV chargers - up to ten chargers can be installed with our EV Charger Rebate Program.