Public Safety Power Shutoffs


This page will be updated with more information if there is a Public Safety Power Shutoff.

During a Power Outage

  • All public safety services will continue as normal
  • Fire stations will be open and staffed as normal
  • Other essential services will continue including water, gas and sewer services
  • The Palo Alto Fire Prevention Bureau will be fully staffed and functional. Unless the occupancy/site is impacted by the power shutoff, scheduled inspections will take place

Important Phone Numbers

Plan In Advance

  • Build an emergency supply kit.
  • Include items like food, water, cash, power banks, batteries, flashlights, pet food, and medicine. Have enough supplies on hand to last three days and refresh your kit once a year.
  • Plan for medical needs for you and your loved ones.
  • Make sure you have a backup power solution for your medical devices, and your prescriptions are filled. Ensure any backup generators are ready to operate safely.
  • Keep cash on hand and a full tank of gas. ATMs, credit card transactions, and gas stations may not be operating during an outage.
  • If you drive an electric vehicle, have your car fully charged.

Household Outage Tips

  • Learn how to manually open your garage or any other door that operates with electricity.
  • Talk with your building manager if you live or work in a building that has electronic key card access to understand how they will deal with a possible multi-day outage.
  • If you don’t have a surge protector, unplug or turn off appliances, equipment, and electronics to avoid damage caused by surges when the power is restored.
  • Typically, your refrigerator will keep food cold for about 4 hours, and a full freezer will hold its temperature for about 48 hours — as long as the freezer and refrigerator doors are kept closed. Consider using coolers with ice to keep food cold and safe.
  • If you need to use generators, camp stoves, or charcoal grills, use only outdoors in a safe area. Do not use a gas stove for heat.
  • Leave a single lamp on before the outage occurs; that way, you will know once the power returns.
  • Check on your neighbors who have medical issues or live alone.

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