Fiber Network


Palo Alto's Fiber Optic Network

The City offers a "Dark" fiber service. We provide your fiber connection from your business to the downtown Internet Exchange.

At the exchange, you select an internet service provider (ISP) for bandwidth and connection speed.

High Speed Internet Access For Businesses Brochure(PDF, 448KB)


Our monthly fiber license fees range from approximately $635 to $2,400. Note: the City fee does not include the ISP fee.


The City's network reaches to virtually all Palo alto business locations. Please ask us if our fiber is near your business.


CPAU's ring topology creates reliable and redundant network configurations, pushing service reliability to new levels.

Flexibility and Control With CPAU's commercial fiber, you are in control. You design your network, install your own choice of equipment, and provision the network to meet your needs. Network Configuration Options.

The City will custom configure fiber optic pathways on the backbone as requested.