Cubberley Community Center

Located in south Palo Alto, Cubberley Community Center (CUBB) is a unique facility, which has been operated by the City of Palo Alto since 1990. Space is available for rent by the hour, either one-time or on a regular basis for community meetings, seminars, social events, dances, theatre performances, music rehearsals and athletic events. Cubberley is also home to many long-term leasers that provide services to the community in areas of education, health, child care, dance, and music instruction. 

Facility Information

D-6(JPG, 4MB)
Room Type: Classroom
Capacity: 45
Size: 700 square ft.
Amenities: Tables, chairs, white board

D-7(JPG, 3MB)
Room Type: Classroom
Capacity: 45
Size: 700 square ft.
Amenities: Tables, chairs, white board

E-5(JPG, 6MB)
Room Type: Classroom
Capacity: 45
Size: 700 square ft.
Amenities: Tables, chairs, white board, sink/counter

H-1(JPG, 248KB)
Room Type: Lecture Room
Capacity: 125
Size: 1,900 square ft.
Amenities: Tables, chairs, whiteboard, projector screen, sink/counter

H-6(JPG, 512KB)
Room Type: Activity Room
Capacity: 100
Size: 1,400 square ft.
Amenities: Tables, chairs, whiteboard, projector screen, sink/counter

L-6(JPG, 486KB)
Room Type: Dance studio
Capacity: 35
Size: 1,650 square ft.
Amenities: Mirrors, hand rails, marley floor, dressing room

U-7(JPG, 296KB)
Room Type: Activity Room
Capacity: 67
Size: 1,150 square ft.
Amenities: Tables, chairs, whiteboard, sink/counter

Gym A(JPG, 1MB)
Room Type: Gymnasium
Capacity: 345
Size: 5,500 square ft.
Amenities: 1 basketball court with hoops or 1 volleyball court with net and poles

Gym B(JPG, 902KB)
Room Type: Gymnasium
Capacity: 450
Size: 7,200 square ft.
Amenities: 2 half basketball courts or 1 full court with hoops or 2 half volleyball courts or 1 full court with nets and poles

Pavilion(JPG, 937KB)
Capacity: 1600
Size: 11,700 square ft.
Amenities: Up to 2 full courts basketball with 8 hoops, or up to 3 courts volleyball, bleachers, snack bar (snacks not provided), restrooms, water fountain

Theatre(JPG, 13KB)
Size: 1,000 square ft.
For more information, visit the Cubberley Theatre page.

Booking Process

Search the availability calendar by selecting the "Facility Rentals" tab, then selecting "Cubberley Community Center" to see the list of rooms. Please note the following:

  • The calendar won’t show immediate availability, since we do not accept requests less than 30 days prior. To see availability 30+ days out, click the right arrow button next to the date (or select a date) located above the availability grid.
  • While our facility schedule is up to date, there may be pending bookings at any point in time.

Once you confirm the room you want to rent is available on your requested date(s) and time(s), complete the Facility Use Application and submit once finished. Cubberley staff will follow up with you in 2-3 business days to provide an estimate and collect initial payment. Please review the rental conditions listed below.


Cubberley Gym & Pavilion rentals are subject to the Cubberley Community Center Gymnasium Use Policy. The Policy addresses the following factors including but not limited to:

  • Prime time hours/Non-prime time hours
  • Eligibility for prime time hours usage
  • Gym use allocation
  • Residency and verification

Please review the Gymnasium Use Policy thoroughly prior to submitting your Facility Use Application.

Certain rentals require certificate of general liability insurance that names the City of Palo Alto as an additional insured in the minimum amount of one million dollars, due thirty (30) days before your event. Insurance must be provided by a carrier rated A-VII or higher by Best’s Insurance Rating Service. Insurance may be available for purchase through the City of Palo Alto. Failure to provide or purchase insurance will result in the cancellation of the booking.

Fees & Payment Schedule

See the fee schedule for current rental rates.

Payments for recurring rentals are generally due on the first (1st) day of each month. For one-time, infrequent rentals, we require full payment upon application approval. Failure to adhere to the agreed upon payment schedule may lead to cancellation of your current rental(s) and may prohibit future bookings.


Must be made in writing and received thirty (30) days before the event. One third of rental fees and charges is non-refundable unless the City cancels the permit, wherein a full refund will be made. No refund is given if cancellation is made less than thirty (30) days before the event. The City reserves the right to cancel an applicant’s permit if the City deems the facility not usable or unsafe due to natural causes, repair, renovation, or is deemed an unsuitable facility for the event by the City. Changes to previously approved permits may result in cancellation of the permit.


4000 Middlefield Road, T-2, Palo Alto, CA 94303  View Map

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