Mik & May Gaspay

May and Mik Gaspay

Studio U5B

Medium: Textile & Sculpture

May and Mik Gaspay are a Filipino-American mother and son artist team who collaborate on sculptural quilts.  Working together, they combine their individual strengths and perspectives to create pieces that are at once familiar and fresh. May brings a deep knowledge of traditional quilting techniques, while Mik brings a conceptual and experimental approach to the medium. Through their collaboration, they hope to create pieces that not only celebrate their familial history and Filipino culture, but also speak to the broader human experiences of family, heritage, and connection. 

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Recent Works


Bug, Quilted Cotton Fabric, 80”W x 72”H, 2022



Fibre Structures (detail), 12’x12’, 2019



Pintuan Sa Enrile (Doorway to Enrile), 72”W x 96”H, 2021