Darryl Dieckman

Darryl Dieckman

Artist Details

Location: Studio F5  

Medium: Woodworking

Artist Statement

Furniture maker Darryl Dieckman reinterprets iconic designs from the past in beautiful woods, and adapts their function for everyday use. He is a graduate of the Fine Woodworking program at The Krenov School (2018) and The College of The Redwoods (2017). His recent work exhibits an attention to detail and exacting hand work that are hallmarks of the program.

Recent Works


This redwood and douglas fir box took almost forever to complete.  A large part of the effort was spent setting up the tools in my new studio and fine tuning them as I worked my way through the project.

2020, sinker redwood, douglas fir, 7" x 16" x 10"

Photo of artworkPhoto of artworkPhoto of artwork



This douglas fir cabinet is made of wood reclaimed from bookcases at the Hoover Library on Stanford campus.  This is another cabinet in my series of single-bottle liquor cabinets.

2020, douglas fir, mahogany, shellac, 18" x 16" x 7"

Photo of artworkPhoto of artworkPhoto of artworkPhoto of artwork


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 For more information, visit Darryl Dieckman's website.