Darryl Dieckman

Darryl Dieckman

Studio F5A

Medium: Woodworking 

Furniture maker Darryl Dieckman reinterprets forms and iconic designs from the past in beautiful woods, and adapts their function for everyday use. He is a graduate of the Fine Woodworking program at The Krenov School. His recent work exhibits an attention to detail and exacting hand work that are hallmarks of the program.


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Recent Works

 Ashton Writing Desk

The Ashton - Writing Desk, 2022, walnut, ash, 36”L x 24”D x 37”H

Originally designed to complement a Thomas Moser chair, this small writing desk provides a large workspace for writing or research in physical or digital mediums. The inconspicuous drawer and attached hutch provide storage for your preferred implements whether they be a laptop, a tablet, a fountain pen, or stationery. The topshelf is reserved for the treasures and artifacts that inspire your communications.


 Timothy Cabinet

The Timothy - Cabinet, 2022, tineo, birds-eye maple, mahogany, 20 1/4 W x 15 D x 34 1/2 H

The form and proportions of this cabinet are based on the cross section of the human torso giving the cabinet a personal presence within a room, a familiarity as one approaches, almost huggable. The human-like form is echoed in the details of the cabinet with a spine back side and skeletal shelves lining the interior.


Hoover Cabinet

Hoover - Cabinet, 2020, douglas fir, mahogany, shellac, 18″ x 16″ x 7″

This douglas fir cabinet is made of wood reclaimed from bookcases at the Hoover Library on Stanford campus. This is another cabinet in my series of single-bottle liquor cabinets.