Junior Museum & Zoo

The Junior Museum & Zoo is committed to being engaging and fun for people of all ages and abilities.


Our trained Museum educators offer a wide range of hands-on, interactive programming to local schools.


Teacher Jeremy conducts an interactive session on marsh life and micro organisms for elementary students over Zoom!


The Junior Museum & Zoo is a place where children and their caregivers come to explore, discover, create, play, and get curious about science and nature. Through hands-on science exhibits, a diverse community of live animals, and immersive zoo experiences your child's natural scientist will be nurtured!

On November 12th, we’ll open our doors after a complete rebuild and redesign of our facility and visitor experience. At 15,085 total square feet, our new footprint is nearly double that of the old, with much needed visitor amenities, fully accessible exhibits, and additional program space. 

To help combat Covid-19, our new HVAC system enables the following improvements to air quality and air flow:

  • Air in the building is replaced three times per hour.
  • At least 60% of recirculated air is from outside.
  • The system operates with MERV-13 air filters that are changed frequently.
  • The air is purged from the Museum before it opens and after is closes each day.  
  • Portable HEPA filtration units operate throughout the facility to provide additional air filtration.