Patrick Fenton

Patrick Fenton

Studio E1

Medium: Printmaking 

Documentation of time and place, identity, and transition are all central components in my work. I am also interested in the relationships between art, design, education, and the creative process. These interests have evolved to include several areas of investigation related to works on paper.

LANDSCAPES: Inspired by printers’ traditions of producing landscape prints, I capture the modern day essence of my local landscapes.

LABELS: In many cases, the stickiest labels are invisible, or perhaps only applied behind our backs. I am interested in bringing the invisible kinds to life.

APPLICATION FORMS + CERTIFICATES: Many of the most impactful experiences in our lives are framed by forms and certificates. My work celebrates forms as printed editions, and and endeavors to make applications more meaningful.

PATTERNS: Patterns and culturally distinct motifs can be found on carpets, on baskets, on tile work, and in mosaics. They adorn places of worship, government building, homes, and outdoor spaces. They tell stories and make places feel exalted, inviting, and special. My interest is in using patterns to represent the interwoven influences of the local community.

WORKBOOKS: My workbooks provide space to help people develop ideas, build memories, and make discoveries.

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Recent Works

A Flower In Waters.jpg

A Flower in Rough Waters, 2017, Letterpress on Newsprint, 11" x 17"


Ohlone Palo Alto Knotted Sketch.jpg

Ohlone Palo Alto Knotted Sketch, 2017, Digital Sketch


Burning Love.jpg

Burning Love, 2018, Letterpress on Paper, 11" x 17"