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The Community Services Department offers programs that enhance and contribute to the social, educational, and personal well-being of every individual in our community. Programs are offered for all ages, from preschoolers to seniors.


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Want to Offer a New Program?

If you would like to offer a new program through the City of Palo Alto, please review our existing offerings and let us know what makes your program unique. Also, please include a marketing plan with your proposal and send it to enjoyonline@cityofpaloalto.org. Your email will then be sent to the appropriate coordinator for your program area. 

Fee Reduction Program

City of Palo Alto residents may be eligible for the Fee Reduction Program, which offers a 25% or 50% discount on program fees based on household income. City of Palo Alto employees and children of City of Palo Alto employees may also receive these discounts. A $300 subsidy cap will be applied per eligible youth, persons with disabilities, and seniors over 60 years of age, while eligible adults will enjoy a subsidy cap of $150. Discounts are available for most Art Center, Children’s Theatre, Junior Museum and Zoo, Recreation, and Open Space programs and memberships.

Application Process

Complete application and submit required eligibility verification documentation. Applications and supporting documents can be e-mailed to csd@cityofpaloalto.org, mailed in, or dropped off at the Lucie Stern Community Center. Discount is valid for one year. Participants must re-apply annually. Application forms will only be accepted after current discount has expired. Reductions will only be applied to future registrations. 

Fee Reduction Application(PDF, 133KB)