Code:ART 2023

 Code Art Banner, October 12,13,14, Reimagine Public Spaces through Art and Technology

The City of Palo Alto Public Art Program will launch its third interactive media art festival, Code:ART, a three-evening event that re-imagines Palo Alto’s underutilized plazas, alleys, and public spaces through interactive light, sound, and motion. The festival will feature a major interactive media artwork anchoring the festival and six Urban Interventions activating or reimagining downtown storefronts, alleys, parking lots or blank walls in new and inventive ways. The artworks will invite play and participation, engaging area locals in an event that outwardly reflects the creative community and culture that thrives here. 

EVENT DATES: October 12-14, 2023, 5 - 10 p.m.

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Major Artwork

Questions for the Curious Orchard by artist Nate Mohler is a site-specific immersive interactive artwork that visually responds to visitors in a playful and engaging way. Taking inspiration from complex networks and energy exchange between living beings occurring in the natural world, such as the contagiousness of laughter or tree roots communicating in a forest, the installation invites visitors to gift something to it, such as their heartbeat or best dance moves, that will in turn feed energy into the biome and ripple throughout the installation.

Nate Mohler is a Los Angeles-based emerging media artist, who works with digital technology as a paint brush to build avant-garde experiences. A 2019 UCLA graduate with a B.A. in Design | Media Arts, Mohler is intrigued with the fusion of conceptual art and technology to support social activism with unconventional space and sound. His work raises questions about art + technology through digital mediums such as projection mapping, immersive installations, sculpture and video art. Mohler is interested in the way digital tools such as code and machine intelligence allow for new explorations of imagination and the development of new aesthetics. Striving to fuse more human finesse and elements of nostalgia into highly digital based video work, Mohler often introduces personal memories in his work. 

Installation Site: King Plaza, 250 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA.

Questions for the Curious Grove - Rendering by Artist Nate Mohler

Conceptual rendering of Questions for the Curious Orchard by artist Nate Mohler

Urban Interventions

Six Urban Intervention installations by Bay Area and international artists will be installed in downtown Palo Alto, reimagining downtown storefronts, alleys, parking lots or blank walls in new and inventive ways. These interventions include dynamic projections, immersive installations, responsive sound, light, and game-based experiences. 


Interactive Flow Fields is a multi display video installation, consisting of a computer running TouchDesigner, displaying a field flow algorithm that is webcam reactive. Flow fields are a branch of physics used to predict how objects flow through a defined medium. These underlying principles help us to understand movement: from the very large, like how gravity and electromagnetism influence the paths of celestial bodies; all the way to the very small, like how pharmaceuticals use nano-particles to deliver drugs through our bloodstream.  

The idea behind Interactive Flow Fields is to introduce these concepts to the public through an dynamic visual installation. The viewer sees a sample flow field of particles generated with code on an LED panel wall. Their movement is tracked by a 3D camera altering the direction of the particle flows dynamically. The artist aims to show that science and code can be fun and to highlight flow fields, in particular, as an easy introduction to generative art. 

Steven Christopher Wallace is an artist living in San Francisco. His work has been seen in galleries and exhibitions throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia as well as in the metaverse as a featured artist during Decentraland Art Week, on the Monograma x SuperRare Space, in the Rug Radio x Superchief Gallery in New York City, in the Idolwild Gallery in Los Angeles, at the /’fu:bar/ expo in Croatia, and as a featured artist at NFT NYC.

Installation Site: 581 Ramona St, Palo Alto, CA. 

Interactive Flow Fields Rendering

Rendering by the artist


Intersection is an immersive light- and sound-based multimedia art installation where an underwater forest has moved into a downtown alley. The visitor is invited into a multisensory dream world where hidden messages from the sea will be uncovered. Intersection is a place to pause, reflect, and feel. It invites the visitor on a journey of discovery between the artificial and natural, self and community, past and future.

Ruokan He is a Palo Alto based creator, designer and musician. She weaves music, future technology and mixed-reality into immersive experiences that blurs the boundaries of reality and imagination, organic and digital, harmony and dissonance. Ruokan He draws inspiration from the ocean and the environment, in creating experience about connections. She was an AI artist at the 2022 Stochastic lab, has received a Telly Award, showcased her games at the Indiecade Festival, collaborated with dancers in interactive shows, and performed at various venues since 2015.

Installation site: 536 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA.

Rendering of Intersection

Rendering by the artist

MONOLITHS by Pneuhaus

Monoliths is an installation of two inflatable sculptures, in a dialogue with each other, sized to awe. The installation brings the ideal forms of mathematical geometry into hands-on interaction. The Monoliths surprise as they asked to approached, or leaned against. Placed in a staggered progression their luminous forms beckon visitors forward through a space and create an arena for exploration and play between them.

Pneuhaus is an art and design studio that specializes in exuberant transformations of public space. Their immersive sculptures and environments guide visitors into the universe of their senses and the joys of shared experience. Inspired by physics, biology, and craft, Pneuhaus studio’s work incorporates the lessons of nature in both form and function.

Installation site: Lytton Plaza, 200 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA.

Monoliths by Pneuhaus

Image credit: Pneuhaus

RIPPLE by Jeffrey Yip

Ripple is a multisensory installation exploring the visible effects of sound and vibration. Inspired by the natural world and activated through motion, this interactive installation investigates how ripples affect each other to create dynamic patterns similarly to how societal systems we put in place create complexity. 

Ripple invites the public to experience sound in a new interactive and playful way offering an audiovisual performance. The performance occurs in an immersive environment that replicates a form of sound therapy known as Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT), which is known to alleviate stress. A vibrant soundscape ushers us through waves of emotions, from tense to peacefulness. A pool filled with water will ripple in response to the vibrations created by these sounds. The overall effect is a meditative healing environment.

Jeffrey Yip is an Oakland-based interdisciplinary artist producing installations and performances that emphasize technology as a tool of creation. Interested in uniting the senses as an approach to building experiences, he combines light and sound in physical and virtual spaces. His work explores technology imagined as a means to facilitate healing as a form of radical justice, and often works collaboratively to create sustainable communities. In 2015, Jeffrey co-founded Macro Waves, a studio of designers and artists of color who specialize in producing immersive experience through conceptual art, new media, and design.

Installation site: 555 Ramona St, Palo Alto, CA.

Hands interacting with the artwork Ripple

Image credit: Jeffrey Yip

RIVER OF SHADOWS by Cory Barr & Paul Mans

River of Shadows is a dynamic interactive digital mural, projected on a mapped surface of a removable screen. When visitors approach, they see their shadows in the colored light. These shadows are mirrored above, at the head of the "river" joining the silhouettes of other colors of previous visitors. Their saved shadows are what creates the visual river. The current visitor's color and shadow is added to the river.

River of Shadows takes its name from Rebecca Solnit's account and critical interpretation of Eadweard Muybridge's work "River of Shadows: Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West," in particular the well-known investigations into motion done at Leland Stanford's nearby ranch. The  installation revisits the concepts she articulates of fluid time, stopped time, instantaneous time, and reconstructed time, and attempts to muddy any boundary between art and technology, as Muybridge did. The visual language of the installation incorporates artifacts from the computer-vision algorithms that drive it and much of the world today.

Cory Barr’s multidisciplinary work challenges the objectivity of human perception, our interpersonal interactions, and the nature of creativity. His pieces extend the traditions of Light and Space art, Participatory art, and Conceptual process art. Contemporary and emerging technologies are used to push our technological inheritance into areas not strictly driven by commercial or government goals. Mediums include programmable lights, cameras, prints, and custom computer software.

Installation site: 399 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA.

Rendering of River of Shadows installation

Rendering by the artist


Bureau of Cloud Management (BCM) is an interactive simulated environment project created as part of the artists' recent art research on the emerging co-creating patterns between human and AI generating models, focusing on how human agency is affected during co-creating. It’s an artistic intervention that invites machine agency and human agency to collaboratively recreate the experience of observing clouds - one of the most imaginative human activities, which draws the initial picture of the dreams of every one of us and associates ourselves with our primitive thinking of and connection with the broader world.

The duo imagined the BCM, a speculative government agency that manages the clouds passing by its jurisdictive sky area. The artists invite the public to role-play the staff cloud observers, using voice input to share their observations of clouds through visiting a web portal on their mobile devices. An ML-based synthesis pipeline will transform these audio observations into simulated 3D clouds and showcase the public’s collective imagination as an immersive media installation.

Tong Wu is a creative technologist and multimedia artist raised on the Internet. She now co-exists with her digital doubles in New York and the Chrome browser. Wu's art research focuses on cyberculture, the digital system, and how "individuals" form relationships with their over-populated avatars in the era of digital. She uses various media, such as 3D visuals, machine-learning models, and web-based experience to construct a speculative world of digital doubles and present the fluid yet dystopian nature of the "individual".

Wu graduated from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and the photojournalism program at the University of Maryland, College Park. She has exhibited her work internationally, including INDEX Biennale 2022 in Braga, Portugal, Koganechō Art Management Center in Yokohama, Japan, CURRENTS New Media Festival in New Mexico, U.S., International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA) DocLab Session in Amsterdam, Netherlands, CultureHub & La Mama experimental theater club in New York, U.S., SandBox Immersive Festival Acceleration Program in Hangzhou, China.

Yuguang (YG) Zhang is a New York-based new media / AI artist, a lead machine learning technologist at De-Yan, and a member of NUUM Collective. His current practice, which incorporates interactive media, installation, and live performance, focuses on the reciprocal relationship between human and technology, the connections people make with tangible and intangible AI, and the cultural, societal & ethical shifts that come along.

Zhang's works have been showcased at NeurIPS, aiartonline, ML x Art, Neural, the NYC Media Lab Summit, New Inc., CultureHub, La MaMa, Movement Research, Battery Dance Festival, The Center at West Park, Currents New Media Festival, and Processing Foundation community conference in New York, NY, Brown Arts Initiative in Providence, RI, Cycling ‘74 Expo in North Adams, MA, Maxxi - The National Museum of XXI Century Arts at Rome, Fu:bar art festival at Zagreb, Beijing Times Arts Museum, B·O·N·D International Virtual Live Performance Festival in Shanghai and more.

Installation site: 285 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA.

AI generated clouds

Image of AI generated clouds, provided by the artists


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