Nasim Moghadam

Nasim Moghadam

Studio U1

Medium: Interdisciplinary

Nasim Moghadam is an art educator and a multidisciplinary visual artist holding an MFA in studio art from San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA in graphic design from Azad University, Central Tehran. She was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved to the United States in 2010. Her installations focus on discrimination and hyphenated identity, and the constraints on women, their bodies, and their voices. Using photography, sound, video, and multimedia sculptures of varying scales, and materials that serve as constant physical reminders of femininity, Moghadam creates narratives inspired by the efforts of women worldwide who are defending their basic, unalienable rights. Envisioning another world, an equal world in solidarity, Moghadam celebrates how womxn go beyond cultural and political limitations, rise up, and create a revolution. Her works have been published and featured in international and national festivals and galleries.

Moghadam has received awards from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, H. A. R. D. Foundation, Outstanding Graduate Award from San Francisco Art Institute, along with residencies at the Cubberley Artist Studio Program, Kala Art Institute, and Building 180. Her works have been featured in international festivals including Italy and Japan, and national museums and galleries, such as SFMOMA, San Francisco Art Commission, Museum of Craft and Design, Southern Exposure, Minnesota Street Project, Aggregate Space Gallery, Root Division, Kala Art, etc.

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Recent Works


Fabric2021, Dimension: 52 x 45 Inch, Medium: Broken bottles of wine and beers, steel wire



They2021, Medium: Iranian female hair, black fabric, wire


I Sprout on My Wound

I Sprout on my Wound2021, Installation shot of I sprout on My Wound installation at Aggregate Space Gallery



Lullaby2021, Dimension: 95 x 96 x 99 inch, Medium: Wood


Interwoven II

Interwoven II2022, Medium: A single-channel video and sound. , Duration: 4:33 minutes