UTV: Utility Terrain Vehicle

utility terrain vehicle image

front view of vehicle   side view of vehicle on dirt road   rear of vehicle

Purpose and Mission

  • Open space patrols, respond to disaster zones, search and rescue, remote utility and infrastructure inspections, and locations where larger vehicles cannot be driven.
  • Tow emergency supplies, generators, transportation of personnel, field command posts.
  • Supports Palo Alto Police, Fire / EMS, CSD Rangers, Public Works, and Utilities.

Vehicle Facts

  • 100% all electric vehicle - a first for Palo Alto Public Safety
  • 2018 Polaris Ranger
  • 200 mile range, 25 mph top speed
  • Solar panels to extend battery life
  • Environmentally friendly

Towing and Hauling

  • 1,500 pound towing capacity
  • 1,000 pound cargo capacity
  • Dump box bed with 500 pound capacity
  • 4,500 pound winch


  • 4 wheel drive
  • AC charging inlet
  • 58 inches wide
  • 10 inch ground clearance

Other Equipment

  • Scene and search lighting
  • Public address system
  • Multi-band antennas
  • Interoperable radio system

UTV Video Tour