Solar Generator Trailer

The Solar Generator Trailer (SGT) is an important resource for the City of Palo Alto to provide electric power to the Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) and other critical systems both for planned deployments as well as during emergencies. This SGT was acquired in 2021 through a State Homeland Security Grant Program (SHSGP) award to the Office of Emergency Services of $200,000.

System Specifications

  • Battery Storage Capacity: 100 kWh
  • Solar Array: 6 kWp
  • Inverters: 16 kVA split-phase
  • Mechanical: 14,000 lb rated trailer, 11'6" high, 8' wide, 23' long.
  • Off-Road Trailer Suspension: Timberen SilentRide
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for fossil-fuel generators