School Zero Waste Champion

On-site Zero Waste "Experts" To Answer Your Questions & Foster School Efforts  

School Zero Waste Champions are on-site Zero Waste "experts" able to answer recycling, composting and reuse questions; supply useful, concrete information on ways to reduce school waste; and take the lead in implementing and promoting Zero Waste at their school.

School Zero Waste Champion Program

The School Zero Waste Champion program creates a Zero Waste Champion (stipend position) at each participating Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) school. The Zero Waste Champion takes the lead in implementing and promoting Zero Waste at their school. This includes outreach efforts and the carrying out of Zero Waste projects and campaigns. There are several specific duties and requirements of the position, outlined in the position description. Zero Waste Champions receive support from GreenWaste of Palo Alto and City staff to help them meet their Zero Waste goals. All of their activities must be coordinated with the Facility Administrator (charged with advancing waste reduction on campus per the Administrative Regulation 3511.1). The Zero Waste Champion must be a PAUSD employee at the school campus.

Program Goals

Created to help schools improve their waste reduction and recycling/composting activities, the program’s goals are to:

  • Have an on-site Zero Waste ‘expert’ as a resource for the campus community
  • Increase understanding of and engagement in Zero Waste practices
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve sorting – reduce contamination