San Francisquito Creek JPA

The City works with neighboring jurisdictions through the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority (JPA) to address community concerns regarding flooding and environmental preservation on San Francisquito Creek.

The San Francisquito Creek JPA is an agency empowered to protect and maintain the 14-mile San Francisquito Creek and its 45 square-mile watershed. The JPA was created through the adoption of a joint powers agreement by the member agencies on May 18, 1999.

The JPA strives to accomplish the following goals:
• To facilitate and perform bank stabilization, channel clearing, and   other Creek maintenance.
• To plan flood control measures for the San Francisquito Creek watershed.
• To take actions necessary to preserve and enhance environmental values and instream uses of San Francisquito Creek.
• To coordinate emergency mitigation and response activities relating to San Francisquito Creek.
• To make recommendations to Member Entities for funding and alternatives for long-term flood control for Member Entity consideration.


Last Updated: September 28, 2007