Palo Alto Business Facts

Palo Alto is home to more than 7,000 businesses that employ more than 95,000 jobs. These companies consider Palo Alto to be the premier business location in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley for a variety of reasons. Many cities say they are committed to working with local businesses – Palo Alto puts it in writing. The Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan, a blueprint for the City’s future, describes its vision:

"Palo Alto's business environment will be exciting, dynamic and vital. Businesses will have access to a wide array of support services and will enjoy positive relationships with Palo Alto residents, officials and City staff."

The focus of the vision is to serve the needs of existing companies, while attracting new businesses that fit the employment and service profile that complements Palo Alto business and residential communities.

Palo Alto is home to major employment centers, including:

  • Retail and Commercial
    Downtown/University Avenue, Stanford Shopping Center, El Camino Real, Town and Country Village, California Avenue
  • Research and Development
    Stanford Research Park, home to major employers in Palo Alto.
  • Neighborhood Retail and Local Centers
    Midtown, Alma Plaza, Charleston Center, Edgewood Plaza
  • Startup and Service Industries
    East Bayshore and San Antonio Road/Bayshore Corridors
  • Medical Facilities
    Stanford Medical Center, Veteran's Hospital, Hoover Hospital, and Palo Alto Medical Foundation
  • Home to Many Small Businesses
    Palo Alto’s strategic location and excellent market for local products and services benefit large and small businesses alike. Outstanding restaurants and service-oriented businesses are known for their friendliness and attention to customer satisfaction. Distinctive architecture and the internationally recognized murals of Greg Brown enliven city streets and add to the ambiance of Palo Alto. Committed to excellence in serving the needs of the public, businesses and residents alike are viewed as partners in maintaining the quality of life and strategic growth of the City. With partnership in mind, City staff is dedicated to providing companies with information, assistance and focused problem solving to strengthen the Palo Alto community.

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Last Updated: July 9, 2007