Information on Police Radio Transmissions

Information on Police Radio Transmissions

Due to a requirement placed on all law enforcement agencies by the State of California Department of Justice to protect personal identifying information from being broadcasted on an open radio frequency, the City will be moving its law enforcement radio communications to encrypted frequencies to comply with these state standards.  All law enforcement agencies in the state are being required to provide such privacy protections and will be moving in that direction if they have not already done so.  Personal identifying information includes things like names, driver license numbers, and Social Security numbers.

For reference, please refer to the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System Policies, Practices, and Procedures here and the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy here.  See also Government Code section 15150 et seq. and California Code of Regulations, Title 11, Section 703.

The Police Department is continuing its long-standing commitment to transparency and providing public information whenever possible.  For more information about the Police Department (including links to our daily report log, crime statistics, news releases, monthly activity reports, and more), visit our Public Information Portal here

To read a blog post by Chief Robert Jonsen on this topic, please click here.

Last Updated: January 5, 2021