Adobe Creek Underpass Closes as Bridge Construction Resumes

Adobe Creek Underpass Closes as Bridge Construction Resumes

The Benjamin Lefkowitz bike/pedestrian undercrossing at Adobe Creek will once again close for safety reasons on May 18 when the Highway 101 Pedestrian Bike Bridge construction resumes. The undercrossing was temporarily reopened when construction on the Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Project was suspended during the initial Santa Clara County Shelter in Place Order. The new Shelter in Place Order allows construction to resume, and the Bridge construction is anticipated to begin on May 18.

Project construction activities adjacent to and over the existing undercrossing are expected to continue into the fall of this year. Construction activities include utilities trench construction and relocation, excavation for bridge footings and installation of a new steel bridge over the creek and existing undercrossing.

The bridge is part of Palo Alto’s 2014 Infrastructure Plan and will span over Highway 101, and East and West Bayshore Roads from south Palo Alto to the Baylands, providing a link for bike riders and pedestrians to access businesses and recreation trails on both sides of the highway. Construction is anticipated to be completed in summer 2021. The project will replace the undercrossing and will provide year-round access to the pedestrians and bicyclists.

To learn more about the City’s Infrastructure Plan projects, including the Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Project, click on the Infrastructure Projects page here

Last Updated: May 6, 2020