Rebuilt Fire Station 3 Opens its Doors to Serve the Community

Rebuilt Fire Station 3 Opens its Doors to Serve the Community

The finishing touches have been added to Palo Alto’s newly rebuilt Fire Station 3 as it officially opened its doors on Tuesday, March 24 at the corner of Embarcadero and Newell Roads- the same lot as the previous station that served the community since 1948. 

Three fire department personnel are currently working there and practicing social distancing as much as conceivably possible during the coronavirus health crisis. The fire crews at this and every Palo Alto fire station are cleaning and disinfecting their workstations, apparatus and common areas, every morning and throughout the day.

Fire Station 3 is the first of 10 citywide infrastructure projects to be completed from the 2014 Infrastructure Plan. Designed by Shah Kawasaki Architects, Inc. (SKA) and constructed by Strawn Construction, Inc., it is LEED Silver Certified and incorporates surrounding elements, including existing protected trees. The project also includes a new interactive public art feature along the Newell Road side of the station.

Some of the other special community amenities found at the fire station include:

• Water Bottle Filling Station
• Bike Repair Station
• More Pedestrian Standing Room at Embarcadero Road crossing

For more details on the Fire Station 3 project, click here.

Last Updated: March 25, 2020