Castilleja Environmental Documents

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

A Draft EIR  was prepared for the project and published the week of July 15th. To view the Draft EIR see Project Documents (link at right).A Notice of Availability was published in a local newspaper, and distributed as per State and City guidelines. The Planning and Transportation Commission held the EIR Scoping Meeting March 8, 2017 and conducted the first public hearing regarding the Draft EIR on August 14, 2019. Click here for the 2017 Scoping Report to Council. Click here for the PTC August 14, 2019 Report. See archived PTC presentations under Archived News Updates link (at right). The HRB conducted a public hearing regarding the Draft EIR on September 12, 2019. Click here for the HRB report. See excerpt minutes of the Castilleja Project DEIR hearings: August 14, 2019 PTC and September 12, 2019 HRB.


Castilleja Final EIR-2020

Notice of Final EIR Publication

Note: The Final EIR is a large document with extended timeline to upload. Components are uploaded to enable shorter upload times for document sections. The Final EIR document includes the Final EIR and Revised Draft EIR. The document sections include:


1. Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Chapter 1

2. Final EIR Chapter 2 - Master Responses

3. Final EIR Chapter 3 - Responses to Comments

a. A1 through B14

b. C1 through C34

c. C35 through C62

d. D1 through D42, E1 and E2, references cited



4. Draft EIR Revisions

a. Cover, Title Page, Table of Contents, Chapter 1

b. Chapters 2 through 15

5. Draft EIR Appendices (note that items B, C, E, F and H have changed since July 2019 EIR)

A - Initial Study, NOP and Comments

B1 - Project Plans Part 1Project Plans Part 2

B2 - Project Alternative Site Plans

B3-B7 - Additional Project Materials

C - Arborist/Tree Info 

D - Cultural Resources Report

E - Traffic Study

F - Noise Analysis

G1 - Air Quality & GHG Modeling

G2 - Castilleja Phase 1-4 & Daily Average Criteria Pollutant Emissions

H - Geotech Reports


Castilleja Draft Environmental Impact Report- 2019

Notice of Availability


Cover and Title Page


 Chapter 1 Executive Summary


Chapter 2 Introduction


Chapter 3 Project Description


Chapter 4 Land Use and Planning


Chapter 5 Aesthetics


Chapter 6 Cultural Resources (1)


Chapter 7 Transportation


Chapter 8 Noise


Chapter 9 Air Quality


Chapter 10 GHG Emissions


Chapter 11 Energy


Chapter 12 Geology


Chapter 13 Alternatives


Chapter 14 Additional CEQA Analysis (2)


Chapter 15 List of Preparers




Appendix A NOP IS & Comments


Appendix B Project Materials


Appendix C Tree Inventory & Arborist Report


Appendix D Cultural Resources


Appendix E Traffic Impacts Analysis


Appendix F Noise Assessment


Appendix G Air Quality & GHG Modeling


Appendix G Castilleja Phase 1-4 & Daily Average Criteria Pollutant Emissions


Appendix H Geotechnical Site Investigation


Trip Generation Spreadsheet


Existing Condition Trip Assignment


Project Condition Trip Assignment


Last Updated: July 29, 2020