Gas Safety Awareness Surveys Complete

Gas Safety Awareness Surveys Complete

CPAU recently completed participation in a federally-mandated gas safety awareness survey through automated phone calls and emails to customers. Thank you to those who responded!

The Gas Overall Awareness Level (GOAL) survey is a nationwide program to assess public awareness about gas safety. This survey is conducted every year to ensure that people living near a gas pipeline have adequate information on safety protocols.

Both Palo Alto Utilities customers and non-customers, including emergency responders, public officials, and excavators in the area are selected randomly for polling through this automated phone survey. 

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Read important safety tips in our gas safety awareness brochure, which is also available in Spanish and Mandarin.

Call Before You Dig

It is your responsibility to call Underground Service Alert (USA) at 811 or (800) 227-2600 a minimum of 48 hours prior to any excavation. USA is a free service. Failure to call this number can result in liability for any damage or loss of property. Visit for more information.

Know What To Do If You Detect a Gas Leak or Hit a Pipeline

  • Leave the area immediately and call for help from a different location.
  • Call 911 or the City of Palo Alto 24-hour emergency number at (650) 329-2579.
  • Do not turn any lights, appliances, phones or equipment on or off.
  • Do not strike a match.
  • Do not look for a gas leak.

More on gas and other utility safety measures is available at

Please contact us at with any questions about the gas safety awareness surveys or to request utilities safety materials for your home, school or business. 

Last Updated: December 17, 2019