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Mayor Filseth Delivers State of City Address

Mayor Filseth Delivers State of City Address

Mayor Eric Filseth delivered the annual State of the City address on Tuesday night, March 5, that focused on preserving local control over housing decisions, outlined accomplishments of the past year, highlighted Council priorities, and called for 2019 to be a year of “nuts and bolts.” 

The mayor outlined some potential impacts of SB50, a legislative proposal by state Sen. Scott Weiner that would not allow cities to limit housing near transit or in “jobs rich” areas. 

Filseth also highlighted progress on the approval of a new public safety building, an affordable housing project at Wilton Court, as well as the work of the downtown Transportation Management Association in addressing traffic congestion. He also lauded the public/private partnerships that resulted in the Animal Shelter remaining in the City and new contracts for Rinconada Pool that have increased pool access. 

The mayor has been a leading proponent of the adoption of a lower rate of Calpers investment return as a path to fully funded pensions for the future, and made the point in his speech. Filseth also called on tech companies to invest in long term infrastructure needs including housing in communities where they have a large impact and footprint.  

Last Updated: March 6, 2019