Partial Closure of Los Trancos Trail, Closure of Costanoan Trail

Partial Closure of Los Trancos Trail, Closure of Costanoan Trail

The Los Trancos Trail between Trappers fire road in the north and Pony Tracks fire road in the south is closed for the foreseeable future.

The Costanoan Trail is closed in its entirety. Costanoan Trail runs between Fern Loop and Los Trancos Trail.

There are sections where the trail tread and entire hillside are completely gone leaving sizeable gaps with very steep drops into Los Trancos Creek. One of these slides also took out a bridge. Nearby there appears to be another long crack in the soil of a larger pending slide. If this failed, it would create a greater than 75'-80' gap with no feasible route around it.

The soil is saturated with little cohesion which makes these steep areas susceptible to movement in rainy weather like we are experiencing. These bad sections can only be fixed with heavy equipment after the soil has had a chance to dry. The earliest this might happen is mid-spring.

COSTANOAN TRAIL: A large fissure appeared which indicates that a large slide is imminent. As of 3/11/2017.

Contact the rangers at 650-329-2423 with any questions, or to report other hazards on the trails.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Last Updated: June 21, 2017