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Vehicle Pollution Prevention

Vehicle Pollution Prevention
Oils, dissolved metals (commonly found in vehicle fluids and cleaning wastes), cleaning solvents, and soaps can all too easily reach either storm drains or sanitary sewers, causing water pollution. Residents and businesses need to do what they can to keep these pollutants out of the environment.

Clean Bay Businesses
Clean Bay Business vehicle service shops and car washes practice "waste minimization" and keep pollutants out of both the storm drains and the sewers. In order to be recognized as a Clean Bay Business, a vehicle service shop must adopt special practices to prevent water pollution, such as:

  • Closing all floor drains and sumps inside the shop
  • Good housekeeping around the shop; minimizing the use of water when cleaning floors
  • Catching leaks and spills promptly and cleaning up spills using "dry" cleanup methods
  • Cleaning and washing parts in ways that reduce or eliminate fluids or rinse water entering the sewer
  • Washing vehicles in ways that protect storm drains from soap, oil, and grease
  • Storing batteries and hazardous substances safely
  • Reusing or recycling vehicle fluids whenever possible

Clean Bay Auto Shops
Every year, the Regional Water Quality Control Plant evaluates vehicle service shops and car washes to determine whether they meet the Clean Bay Business standards.

Last Updated: July 16, 2012