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Permits Go On Sale for City’s Residential Preferential Parking Program

Permits Go On Sale for City’s Residential Preferential Parking Program

Permits for the City's downtown Residential Preferential Parking program are now available, as of August 15, as the City launches its program to provide parking relief to neighborhoods facing an influx of non-residential parking.

Visit to buy a permit. 

During the first phase of the program (six months), permits for residents will be free. Downtown employees will be able to purchase permits for $233 (or $50 for employees who qualify based on income). There will be both residential visitor and employee daily passes available as well.

During Phase 2, slated to begin in March 2016, the first permit for residents will be free with three additional permits available for purchase at $50 each.  Employee permits will be limited, with a standard permit costing $466 (or $100 for employees who qualify based on income).

Anyone may park in the RPP district for up to two hours without a permit between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and weekends and holidays are not restricted.

The RPP program is designed to provide preferential use of on-street parking to residents, and either restricts or eliminates parking for outside users during select periods.  The downtown RPP district is bounded by Palo Alto Avenue, Guinda Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Alma Avenue and Embarcadero Avenue. 

There are a number of parking options in Palo Alto for visitors, including parking off-street in garages or lots (most will allow parking free of charge for two or three hours).  A daily parking permit can be purchased for a long period of time in a garage, or there is parking on-street for up to two hours in the color zone or RPP district.

The RPP program will officially launch on Sept. 15 when permits will be required for parking beyond two hours in the RPP district.  The City plans to issue warnings for the first two weeks to ensure future compliance.  The ticket for parking in the RPP district without a permit will cost $53.

For more parking information and to buy a permit, visit

Last Updated: August 15, 2015