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City Launches Pilot of New Online Commenting Tool for Comp Plan Engagement

City Launches Pilot of New Online Commenting Tool for Comp Plan Engagement

Palo Alto, CA—With more than 1,500 subscribers, the City of Palo Alto has used the platform Open City Hall for the past several years as a staple of its civic engagement efforts.  Beginning on Friday, there will be a new tool available dubbed the Digital Commenter that has been developed as part of the ongoing outreach for the City's Comprehensive Plan update.  

The City has partnered with Peak Democracy – the leading platform provider of digital democracy and founders of Open City Hall – to develop the new online tool that will allow the community to provide ideas and comments on each element of the Comprehensive Plan.  The tool allows individuals to comment (and to comment on each other’s comments) to make for a more interactive dialogue.  New functionalities and enhancements will be added to the tool throughout the process. The comments, as always, are monitored by Peak Democracy.    

The Digital Commenter was developed within the existing Open City Hall platform that the City uses to solicit input on topics including City Council priorities, as well as issues related to the Comprehensive Plan including transportation, growth management and housing.  

Subscribers to the Open City Hall platform will receive an email each month notifying them that another element of the Comprehensive Plan has been posted and have the opportunity to use the Digital Commenter to share new ideas, comment on other’s ideas, expand on areas and give feedback on recommended changes and additions. Each element will be available online for two weeks, and the feedback from the Digital Commenter will be provided to the Citizens Advisory Committee to review as part of their work on the Comprehensive Plan update.  All of the responses will also be posted as part of the CAC monthly agenda and materials at  

Last Updated: July 24, 2015