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Residential Parking Program Approved for Downtown

Residential Parking Program Approved for Downtown

At its Dec. 2 meeting, the Palo Alto City Council approved the Residential Preferential Parking (RPP) Program, which will go into effect in the downtown neighborhoods beginning in spring 2015. Over the past nine months, the City has been working with a stakeholders group comprised of dedicated residents and business owners to design the RPP program. The new program will require a permit to park for more than two hours in a single spot on residential streets.

 The program, created in response to increasing concern that non-resident parking in residential neighborhoods was negatively impacting the residents' quality of life, will begin with a two-phase trial. During the first six-month phase, residents will receive free permits and downtown employees will be allowed to purchase unlimited permits. During this phase, the City will collect data on the number of employees purchasing permits, as well as the parking occupancy within the neighborhoods. In the second phase, residents will be allowed up to four permits with the first one free. Employee permits may also be limited based on the data collected during the first phase. 

During both phases, employees and residents with permits will be allowed to park anywhere within the proposed district boundary. Permits will not be sold to people who do not live or work downtown, and non-permit holders will still be able to park for two hours in one spot.

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Last Updated: December 3, 2014