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California Avenue Construction to Break for Holiday Shopping Season

California Avenue Construction to Break for Holiday Shopping Season

As work on the California Avenue Streetscape Project passes the halfway point, major construction will take a holiday break from Nov. 26 through Jan. 4. Only work isolated to the east end of California Avenue will be done during this time. All sidewalks will be open to the public during the holiday break. The City encourages all community members to visit California Avenue to shop, dine, and see the work completed so far during the upcoming holiday season.

Work to enhance the California Avenue corridor and make it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly began in March 2014 and includes streetscape, infrastructure and utility improvements along California Avenue between El Camino Real and the Park Boulevard Plaza. 

To date, finished work includes the installation of a new water main from El Camino Real to the Caltrain Station, along with new lateral connections to California Avenue businesses. The streetscape portion of several street blocks has also been completed, including at the intersections of El Camino Real and Ash Street (north and south); the Caltrain station and Park Boulevard (south); and Park Boulevard and Birch Street (north and south). Improvements in these areas include new wider sidewalks, intersection bulb-outs, decorative sidewalks with glass jewels, curb and gutter work, and underground irrigation and streetlight facilities.

The remaining streetscape work to be done will resume in January at the Ash Street and Birch Street (north and south side) blocks, along with final improvements for the entire streetscape, including installation of streetlights, landscaping, streetscape amenities and striping for new lanes and parking.

The project is expected to be completed in March 2015.

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Last Updated: November 24, 2014