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Baylands King Tides Schedule for Winter 2017-18

Baylands King Tides Schedule for Winter 2017-18

Attention bird watchers, paddlers, windsurfers and general water fanciers!

King tides are the highest tides of the season, usually in the winter. You can see these high tides in the Palo Alto Baylands. When the water is high and flooding the marsh, normally reclusive bird species move up out of the plants and can be more easily seen by binoculars or scopes. You might also be lucky enough to see bat rays, harbor seals, or other interesting species. And it's just plain interesting to see what the Baylands looks like when the water level is so high.

If you're interested in learning more about king tides, and in doing some citizen science, visit the web site.

See the link below for a printable version of the high tides.

Below is a list of king tides into February of next year that occur during our open hours:

Dec 210:44 am9.0
Dec 311:26 am9.2
Dec 412:11 pm9.4
Dec 512:58 pm9.2
Dec 3110:19 am9.4
Jan 111:05 am9.7
Jan 211:54 am9.7
Jan 312:44 pm9.4
Jan 2910:02 am9.4
Jan 3010:54 am9.5
Jan 31
11:45 am9.5
Feb 112:36 pm9.2

( Printable list of king tides during Baylands open hours )

Last Updated: December 1, 2017