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Bike to Work Day a Success in the City

Bike to Work Day a Success in the City

It's been 20 years since the first Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area. On May 8, to celebrate the occasion the City of Palo Alto hosted Energizer Stations at four locations throughout the City, something it has been doing since 1999.

Cyclists came out in force to mark the anniversary and grab free snacks, drinks, t-shirts and bike bags. City staff was also on hand to offer guidance on local bike routes and information on upcoming bike improvements from the City.

"Bike to Work Day is always a great day for encouraging more people to try a bike commute. Often, those who try it for the first time are overjoyed with their experience," said Kathy Durham, Safe Routes to School/Commute Coordinator in the City's Transportation Division. "Some of the veterans who have been commuting by bike for years don’t stop at the stations anymore, but they smile and wave. All in all, it is a great celebration. We know that it is events like this that get more people to try biking more places, and that’s what it’s all about."

This year, the number of cyclists who stopped at or passed by the four stations was up 16 percent from last year. At the California Avenue Energizer Station alone, the number was up 33 percent. In total, 858 cyclists stopped at the City’s four Energizer Stations and 899 cyclists rode by, for 1,757 cyclists total. This number beats the previous high in 2012 of 1,573 cyclists and is up significantly from 2006’s 934 cyclists and 2010’s 1,346 cyclists.

Last Updated: May 8, 2014