Facility Manager Meetings

Facility Manager Meetings

The City of Palo Alto Utilities holds regular meetings with facility managers from large companies. These meetings provide:

  • updates on Utilities rates, programs and services business
  • details on the latest efficiency technologies available
  • networking opportunity for facility managers 

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Interested in our Peak Demand Response Program? The application, terms & conditions, and flyer can be downloaded here.

November 20, 2019

Meeting Slides

June 6, 2019

Meeting Slides

November 8, 2018

Meeting Slides

une 7, 2018

Meeting Slides

November 15, 2017

Meeting Slides

June 14, 2017

Meeting Slides

November 9, 2016

Meeting Slides

June 9, 2016
City of Palo Alto News and Updates
Utility Rates Update
Drought and Water Conservation Update
Assembly Bill 802 Energy Use Benchmarking
The Next Generation of Efficient Power Strips
Mobile Equipment Monitoring and Notification
FlexLab Building Modeling for Optimum Efficiency

November 5, 2015
Introduction and Agenda
Drought and Water Efficiency Programs
Palo AltoGreen Gas
Demand Response Update and Customer Acknowledgment
Utility Rates
Solar Opportunities
Compost Ordinance
Data Center Efficiency

February 11, 2015
Commercial Water Conservation Programs
Impacts of Drought
Mitchell Park Library and Community Center
PaloAltoGreen Gas
Peninsula SunShares
Program for Emerging Technologies
Stanford Industrial Park Crisis Communication Network
Sustainability & Climate Action Plan
Utility Rate Projections

July 28, 2014
About Merck
Merck Sustainability Overview
Palo Alto Fire Department
Office of Emergency Services
Five Emerging Technologies by ESource

March 18, 2014

Retrocommissioning Class Intro
Skill 1: Benchmarking and Analysis
Skill 2: Scoping
Skill 3: Fundamental Principles
Skill 4: System Concept
Skill 5: Trending
Skill 6: Functional Testing
Skill 7: Data Analysis
Skill 8: Energy Calculations
Skill 9: Payback and ROI Analysis
Skill 10: Control Competency

--For the 3D systems diagram, click on this link: http://tinyurl.com/ChillerPlant and read the Read Me section.

--David’s blog:

--David’s Resource and Reading List:

March 5, 2014

AutoGrid Eco Overview
Business New Construction Program
Development Services Strategic Plan and Vision
Drought Update: Water Supply and Conservation
New Meterlinks Program

October 30, 2013

Changes to the 2013 California Energy Standards for Non Residential Buildings (Title 24)

Refuse Billing Explained (and how to pay less!)

June 13, 2013

CPAU--Rates--Status, Changes and 5 year Financial Forecast 
Intro to Retro-commissioning--Improving Building Operating Performance 
Enlightened--Advanced Lighting Control Technology Overview

January 17, 2013
Demand Response Pilot Program--Awards and 2013 Opportunities ---Karla Dailey (CPAU)
Refresher on Currently Available CPAU Rebate Programs ---Bruce Lesch (CPAU)
Six Emerging Technologies that Deserve a Close Look ---Spencer Sator (ESource) 

PREVIOUS YEARS (Rates updates deleted as info is no longer valid):

August 16, 2012
Carbon Neutral Plan  Monica Padilla
HP Project Ken Cooper
Planning in Palo Alto Curtis Wiliams
Profitable Carbon Neutral Buildings Emma Bassein

March 8, 2012
Space Systems Loral History - Mike Santoro
Demand Response Program for Summer 2012 - Karla Dailey
Bay Area Water Update Nicole Sandkulla

October 26, 2011
Energy Efficiency in California - Joyce Kinnear
Feed in Tariff Program - Jon Abendschein
Laboratory Energy Efficiency Program - Elizabeth O'Connell
My Utilities Account - Vic Farisato
The Benefits of Commissioning for Energy Efficiency - Jeff Guild
Waste Reduction at Your Office - Zea Luce, Greenwaste
Water Demand Management - Shahram Javey, Aquacue

June 23, 2011
Snapshot of New and Emerging Technologies -- Graham Parker
New Utilities Efficiency Programs for Business Customers -- Joyce Kinnear

March 10, 2011
Information on boiler requirements and efficiency programs
Palo Alto Green, Zero Interest Loans and Demand Response program
Stanford Research Center information
Palo Alto Research Center sustainability

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